These Islands To Soon See Tourists Under a Walk Project

Andy Rotondaro, the Commissioner of North Bay Village envisions the Island Walk Project for Islands in Miami

By Ritesh Roy

Left to Right- Commissioner Rachel Streitfeld, Mayor Brent Lathem, Commissioner Andy Rotondaro

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As per some of the latest news announced by North Bay Village on their Facebook page, the city has secured a record-setting $13 million in grant funding, helping to make many village initiatives a reality. A good portion of these funds, including a $1 million construction grant with support from the Miami-Dade County Transportation Planning Organization and the Florida Department of Transportation, will be used towards furthering the vision of "The Island Walk".

This project is expected to require about 20 months of design and permitting work after it is approved by the Commission. Yet, some difficult obstacles still prevail. Especially when it comes to collaborating on the use of private land, commercial properties, and developers who have large future plans for expansion in North Bay Village. To get collaborative and functional commitment from all property owners will certainly be a challenge.

Andy Rotondaro, the Commissioner of North Bay Village, Miami, has made The Island Walk his top initiative during his four-year term. "Improving the walkability in our neighborhood is very important," he says. "I envision we will successfully be able to build The Island Walk continuously for two to three miles along our beautiful waterways, and make this space available not only for our residents, but for everyone to enjoy. Having the community interact with one-another, in nature, provides opportunity to multiple vendors, shops, and restaurants. This will become a destination spot for Miami and Miami Beach goers to see. A must-visit spot for tourists. This is what I see for the future of North Bay Village."

While the project is still in early stages of development, the Commissioner envisions making this dream a reality by the end of his term. An ambitious goal considering much of the land is owned by developers who may not even break-ground on their developments within the next four years. Andy says, "As a realtor, I have always seen the enormous potential that North Bay Village has. With our rebranding efforts as "The Heart of the Bay", I plan to help transform the community into one of the most desirable places to live not only in Miami, but also the rest of the world. The grand vision of 'The Island Walk' is essential to making that happen"

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