Leveraged ETFs, A Bad Investment But Great for Trading

Most investors are familiar with the popular exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) of the major benchmark indexes like the S&P 500 index (NYSEARCA: SPY), Dow Jones

Jea Yu

Investmint Raises $2 Million In Seed Funding

The fund raised will be used to expand its product, engineering, and quantitative research teams to create a world-class retail investing product

Teena Jose

Thor Industries Hammers Out A Bottom

Thor Industries had another thunderous quarter with results that far exceeded the analyst's expectations. Institutions and insiders are buying the stock too.

Thomas Hughes

How Does Keurig Dr Pepper Compare To Larger Rivals Coke & Pepsi?

With the market continuing to hit the skids, despite Wednesday’s bounce higher, dividend-paying stocks like Keurig Dr Pepper may look more and more attractive.

Kate Stalter

Declining Profits Challenge the CarMax Value Proposition

A steep decline in CarMax profits shows that a more efficient way to sell cars is not enough to overcome higher prices that are keeping consumers away

Chris Markoch

Are Layoffs At A Small-Cap Tech A Bellwether For Housing Stocks?

Real-estate tech Compass skidded after layoffs. Is this a sign of weakness to come throughout the housing industry, or are some subindustries poised to grow?

Kate Stalter

Will Crowdstrike Get A Boost From Increased EPS Guidance?

Cybersecurity specialist Crowdstrike has been languishing due to interest-rate hikes and the market pullback. Can a higher EPS outlook give it a boost?

Kate Stalter

2 Semiconductor Stocks To Watch For Reversals

If you’re a fan of the industry over the long term, you might want to start thinking about backing up the truck. Both these stocks are looking very oversold.

Sam Quirke

Is Costco’s Post-Earnings Price Weakness A Good Time To Buy? 

Costco shares are falling because the Q4 results were priced into the market and the decline could gain momentum if a key level is breached.

Thomas Hughes

Has 3M Reached the Point of Being so Bad It’s Good?

In this article, I’ll provide some perspective from thoughts rolling around in my head as I try to make sense of the activity surrounding MMM stock

Chris Markoch

Murphy USA Outperforming Other Mid-caps, But Is It A Buy Now?

Gas station and convenience store operator Murphy USA increased its dividend but Wall Street expects lower earnings next year. Is the stock a buy?

Kate Stalter

It’s Time To Embrace Another 25% Decline In The S&P 500

The S&P 500 is headed for another 25% decline due to mounting inflation and aggressive FOMC policies that are tamping down housing demand.

Thomas Hughes