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Here's Why So Many Companies Are Losing Employees Shortly After Onboarding

In today's business environment, no industry is safe from the extraordinarily expensive problems of talent turnover. Here's why — and how leaders can keep employees engaged and committed.

Science & Technology

Why the Evolution of Technology Hasn't Truly Improved Digital Learning

Technology isn't the answer, it's a medium to provide scalable individualized instruction. The biggest flaw is our lack of experience and skill in designing individualized instruction.

Growing a Business

Partners Are Your Brand Ambassadors — That's Why You Need to Give Them Training

Help your partners help you. With tailored partner training programs, you can equip partners for sales success.

Science & Technology

How Companies Are Using Innovative Technology to Improve On-the-Job Training

A new era of learning and development has emerged, in which companies induct employees into the company's workplace culture through programs tailored to each company, its expectations and its core values.


When This Dog Training Company Went Off-Course, The Owner Took a Time-Out. Here's How He Got It Back on All Fours.

Zoom Room CEO Mark Van Wye found the value of stepping back to reassess.


Workplace Learning Is Broken. These 5 Steps Tell You How to Fix It.

With these training tips, your employees can be more engaged, prepared and set up for success.


3 Ways to Make Corporate Training Fun

Good training programs don't come with yawns, glassy eyes and multitasking. Learn how to make your corporate training fun and engaging to learners, so they get the most out of it.

Starting a Business

6 Ways to Start a Business With the Skills You Already Have

Start your business with no upfront cost in as little as seven days.

Employee Experience & Recruiting

Most Companies Fail at Employee Training. What are They Doing Wrong?

You need to understand which areas of training and development are most important for practical use.


4 Reasons for Low Training Participation (and How to Change it)

Are your corporate training programs not driving your desired level of engagement? Learn why and how you can fix it.

Growing a Business

How to Evaluate if Your Corporate Training is Working

You've launched a training initiative at your organization. Naturally, you want to know if it's effective - so here are some questions to ask yourself when searching for the answer.

Science & Technology

Why You Should Personalize Corporate Learning With AI

Corporate training programs shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Here's how artificial intelligence can help deliver training that's personalized to the individual learner.

Growing a Business

3 Ways to Coach a Hybrid Workforce

Flexible work options are here to stay: Here's how your company can tailor its coaching to fine-tune new-era performance.

Science & Technology

How AI Writing Assistants are Revolutionizing the Way We Train

Training is hard because it takes a lot of time and effort to get the desired result.


This Entrepreneur Devised Peculiar Business Decisions For Startups

Dr. John L. Evans is the founder of Evans&Evans and has been training and consulting business and political leaders for over 20 years