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EV Trucks Are About to Hit the US Highways — But There's One Big Problem

More trucks mean more demand for energy. Are states ready for this?

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Ford Halts Production of F-150 Lightning Pickup Due To Battery Problems

Bad news for Ford, which was already struggling to scale up production of the truck.

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The Low In Lordstown Motors May Not Be The Last

Lordstown Motors (NASDAQ: RIDE) has been in a protracted downtrend along with the rest of the EV market and that downtrend is not over yet. While Lordstown Motors issues a...

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3 Stocks Coming Out Hot in 2022

These are three week one winners that appear to have plenty more upside.

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Trucker J.B. Hunt Has Left The Station

J.B. Hunt is proof that the troubles plaguing the global supply chain are ultimately a good thing, at least for some companies. While these issues are having an impact on...

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Sorry Truckers, Volvo's Autonomous Vehicles Can Handle it From Here

Volvo's Vera will eventually mean fewer trucking jobs.

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Ford Is Developing a Fully Electric F-Series Pickup Truck

The automaker didn't clarify when or where the electric model will arrive.

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Tesla's New Semi Could Change Shipping As We Know It

Tesla is shaking up logistics world with its semiautonomous truck.

Growth Strategies

This Entrepreneur is a Perfect Matchmaker between Transporters and Traders

"The concept of bidding is very significant because it gives a sense of bargain that Indians love to do"


How Will AI Change the Shape of Logistics in India

Warehouses are looking to automate the processes within by using Robotics for packaging, sorting and Machine Learning for optimal loading of freight containers

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The Future of India's Logistics Industry Post Implementation of GST

With GST subsuming entry taxes and bringing standardization in tax rates, India will become tax neutral irrespective of location and no tax arbitrage will be possible.


How this Entrepreneur built India's Biggest Logistics Company

Within around 10 months, BlackBuck became India's biggest logistics company in business-to-business full truck load (FTL) freight transportation category.

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Our Truck Drivers are National Heroes, and it's Time India Treats Them as Such

Transport companies are now increasingly using technology to monitor metrics like distance travelled, hours driven, speed, idling time, etc. to measure driver performance.

Growth Strategies

What is the Future of Urban Mobility in India

Bold, coordinated actions from the private and public sectors in both technologies and business models are the need of the hour.