As First Cybertrucks Are Delivered, Tesla Pokes Fun at Failed 'Shatterproof' Glass By Selling a 'Broken Window' Sticker The $55 sticker quickly sold out.

By Sam Silverman

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Tesla's long-awaited Cybertrucks are finally here, but the brand isn't shying away from its rocky start.

At Thursday's vehicle delivery event, the brand debuted a broken-glass window sticker referencing the awkward moment at the Cybertruck reveal event in 2019 when Tesla designer Franz von Holzhausen tried to demonstrate the strength of its shatterproof windows by throwing a metal ball at the car. The experiment failed and shattered two windows.

The sticker, which retailed for $55 and is already sold out, was designed specifically to fit on the backseat driver's side window of the uniquely shaped truck, according to CNN.

Courtesy of Tesla | Cybertruck OMFG Decal

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At Thursday night's delivery event, von Holzhausen gave the demonstration another go with a different ball and a softer throw. This time, the window did not shatter.

The Cybertruck has experienced several production challenges and delays since it was announced in 2019, per Business Insider.

The truck starts around $61,000 for two-wheel-drive and up to over $100,000 for four-wheel-drive called the Cyberbeast, according to CNN.

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Over one million people are on the waitlist for the vehicle and some may not get their hands on one until 2025, per Wired.

Reddit founder and entrepreneur Alexis Ohanian was one of the first to receive the highly anticipated truck at the delivery event from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Several other people were seen stepping into their new cars at the event. Spike Lee also posted about getting his own Cybertruck.

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