Why Employers Forcing a Return to Office is Leading to More Worker Power and Unionization

Demanding that employees return to the office could backfire against employers in the long run by spurring increases in labor union organizing. Here's why.

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Nurses Are Quitting in Droves, And Those Who Remain Are Overworked and Fed Up

Since the pandemic, mounting pressure has caused millions of nurses across the country to reevaluate their careers.

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Fired SpaceX Employees Speak Out About Elon Musk's Alleged Toxic Leadership

Nine SpaceX workers were fired after organizing an open letter criticizing Musk. The situation highlights a broader pattern across all of the entrepreneur's companies: a firm grip on free speech.

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'This Is the Way It's Always Been': HarperCollins Workers Fight to End Historic Cycle of Unfair Wages

An employee on the HarperCollins picket lines shares what the experience has been like – and why the problems strikers are addressing are universal to the entire publishing industry.

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'This Is What We Serve Ourselves and Customers': Starbucks Employees Strike Over Mold, Allegedly Hazardous Conditions

The workers claim they are working next to black mold and bed bugs.

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Amazon Suspends Dozens of Workers For Refusing To Work Following Warehouse Fire

When a fire broke out at one of Amazon's warehouses, workers organized a stoppage.

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3 Lessons Employers Can Learn From the 'Great Unionization'

Unionization is taking over some of America's favorite retail brands. What's behind this "Great Unionization" and what does it mean for employers everywhere?

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Unionizing Isn't the Only Way to Restore Workers' Bargaining Power

Using technology to give workers more options can create a win-win situation in the labor market, with more efficient matching for open positions.

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An Apple Store in Maryland Is the First to Unionize in the U.S.: 'We Did It Towson!'

Workers sought a union to receive more agency over compensation, work conditions, and safety operations.

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First Major Airline Strikes a Deal With Pilots Union

United Airlines has come to an agreement with its pilots' labor union on new contract terms, setting an example for the rest of the industry.

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Starbucks Is Adopting a Surprisingly Aggressive Strategy to Discourage Unionization

The Starbucks Union, Starbucks Workers United, has filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board.

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Starbucks in Hot Water With U.S. Labor Board

The National Labor Relations Board has sued the coffee giant over alleged retaliation efforts against three employees involved in organizing a union.

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U.S. Labor Board Sues Amazon to Reinstate Fired Worker

The lawsuit comes as the online retail giant also faces two union votes.

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Amazon Accused of Illegally Interfering With Union Election

The ecommerce giant is being accused of violating the National Labor Relations Act.