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Social Media and The 2022 Midterm Elections: How Social Media Has Changed the Democratic Process

Amid the midterm elections, many are looking toward social media to see how the various platforms are readying themselves for this upcoming election. With the fear of spreading misinformation and chaos, many worry that social media companies are not doing all they can.

Social Media

Here's How Facebook Plans To Increase Transparency During 2020 US Elections

The social media firm launched 'Facebook Protect' to safeguard the accounts of elected officials, candidates and their staff who may be more vulnerable to be targets of malicious activity

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The Man Who Predicted 2014 Indian Election Reveals Who Will Take The Throne In 2019

He is also the same man who predicted results of 2016 United States polls and recently held Punjab and Uttar Pradesh elections

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3 Things Zuckerberg Said On Facebook's Role In Influencing US Elections

Zuckerberg Said Facebook Could Not Have Any Role In Spreading Fake News About Politicians

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5 Ways Trump Can Impact The Indian Economy

Speculations Are Emerging On How This Verdict Is Going To Impact The Indian Economy


8 Qualities of Donald Trump That Make Him a Great Leader

The United States of America has overwhelmingly voted for the 70-year Donald J Trump to become President.

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Congratulations America! You Have Become Great Again

Donald Trump shows who is king, sweeps US Presidential Elections 2016.

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Three Indo-American Make Political History In US Elections

The Three Indo-Americans Are Making A Mark n U.S. Elections