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Jeddah-Based Midwam Offers A Fresh Take On Designing And Curating Unique Immersive Experiences

Founded in 2012, Midwam is a Jeddah-based immersive experience design company that specializes in designing and curating unique immersive experiences for organizations and institutions.

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5 Tips for Creating Innovative UX Design

These intangible principles should be in place to guide you through the fairly ambiguous realm of UX design.


What My Rescue Dog Taught Me About User Experience

How taking my older rescue dog on walks caused me to think about user experience and how to improve it.

Growing a Business

How Much Should Entrepreneurs Care About User Experience?

What's the importance of UX, and how can entrepreneurs implement it with actionable steps?

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People Love Playing Games. Use These 4 Psychological Hacks to Keep Customers Coming Back for More.

A buzzword in recent years, 'gamification' leads users to make the decisions businesses want them to make.

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How to Design the Ideal AI Assistant

Set up a human-computer interaction that leaves users satisfied every time.


How You Can Turn Your Website Into a Web Experience

Overcome the challenges of offering online experiences without advanced tech and expensive web developers.


How to Increase User Empathy and Build Better Products

Live your customer's experience to ensure you're putting out valuable products that continue to deliver.


4 Ways to Be an Effective Leader and Drive Growth

How to keep ahead of the competition and stay on top of your game.

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The 3 Components of Success in a Holistic SEO Plan

There's no SEO silver bullet; everything is interconnected - from design to UX to content - but there are key aspects of an enduring and holistic plan.

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Cut Costs, Spur Growth and Rejuvenate the Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

Implementers can enhance customer experiences in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Chief Designer of Beats by Dre Breaks Down What Great User Experience Means to Him

User experience isn't just a buzzword for tech companies, but an essential aspect of every business.

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Give Your Website's Visitors an Easy-to-Navigate Experience by Learning UX and UI

Learning the fundamentals could be a game-changer for your business.

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Learn Design Principles That Can Help Grow Your Business

Great UI/UX can go a long way.

Thought Leaders

How to Launch Successfully on Product Hunt

A few tips to help you make a big impact on launch day.