User Experience

How to Launch Successfully on Product Hunt

A few tips to help you make a big impact on launch day.

Richard Okyere Mensah

· 5 min read

When Building A Great App, User Experience Is Key

Maintaining customer satisfaction should be a top priority when launching an app.

Linda Tong

· 5 min read

5 Strategies to Keep Your Customers Long-Term in 2020

From flash sales to follow-ups, a handful of methods to ensure consumer loyalty in the coming year.

John Boitnott

· 4 min read

To Really Innovate, Think Like a User

Here are some strategies to help broaden your perspective and ensure success.

Margaret Rogers

· 7 min read

Learn to Design a Better Customer Experience

The Ultimate UI & UX Designer Bundle shows you how to improve your site to draw in satisfied repeat customers.

Entrepreneur Store

· 2 min read

10 User Experience Design Trends You Need to Know About in 2019

You might already know about augmented reality, but do you know about foldable phones and three-dimensional design?

Nathan Sinnott

· 6 min read

Rahul Varshneya

· 5 min read

One Metric for Testing a Successful User Experience

Measure the success of your UX efforts by improvements in your conversion rate.

Rashan Dixon

· 6 min read

Stop Trying to Build the Next Salesforce and Build User Value Instead

We're in the throes of a shift in the way applications are designed and consumed, and it is about to give the user even more power.

Jon Lee

· 5 min read

Celu Ramasamy

· 5 min read

Live These 5 Cultural Values to Scale Your Startup's Growth

Diversity and agility are much more than buzzwords. Read on to learn how these and other values can drive real results.

Rahul Varshneya

· 4 min read