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A Sephora Customer Is Going Viral After Claiming a Popular Body Butter Attracts Spiders: 'Watch Out for These Lotions'

A viral review claimed Sol De Janeiro's Delícia Drench Body Butter attracted spiders, but the company says the claims are bogus, an "urban legend."

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This Sold-Out Viral Accessory Was Designed By a Restaurant Chain. Now It's Being Listed for Hundreds of Dollars on eBay.

Panera released a baguette-shaped purse earlier this month, and it's taken the internet by storm.

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This Hilarious Bingo Card That Collects Every Podcast Cliché Has Gone Viral

Is your favorite podcast guilty of any of these?

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How to Make Content Go Viral?

9GAG's founder says the trick is being straight and simple


4 Ways Your Business Should NOT Respond to an Online Petition

Remember United's P.R. disaster? By avoiding some common mistakes, companies can leverage online petitions to their advantage.

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5 Tips to Make Quality Viral Content

From the famous Priya Varrier wink video and the latest dancing uncle viral video, no one could have guessed the reaction they got, now we tell you what makes a video go viral

Growth Strategies

#8 Ways to Make Your Digital Content Go Viral

It's mandate for a video to have maximum shares if it wants to viral.


5 Elements that will Shape The Viral Content Industry in India

Smartphones have certainly made it possible for everyone to reach out to the world and make their content viral.

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You've Already Granted Facebook to All Your Content: But Here's What You Should Worry About

Did you know what permissions you've already granted to Facebook that cannot be revoked now?

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Hate That Stupid 'Be Like Bill' Meme All Over Facebook? Here's How to Make it Stop.

We are smart. Be like us. Make Bill go away forever.