#8 Ways to Make Your Digital Content Go Viral It's mandate for a video to have maximum shares if it wants to viral.

By Vishal Mull & Pratiek Mehta

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With the digital revolution that has taken place, it is extremely simple to share your content on social media. But with thousands of videos / audios being uploaded every week, making and uploading that selected few videos that go viral seems like the tricky part. However, though there is not a full proof way to make your content go viral, it is not as difficult as it reads and with certain simple things in mind, you're all set to rock the internet.

So the next time you create content, don't forget to run it through these few things before uploading it.

  • Never Overlook the power of Simplicity– Simplicity is the key. The attention span of people is found to be more if the content they're viewing is simple, relatable and easy flowing. If the content you upload is too complicated or jumbled or in general, has a lot going on, the chances of viewers leaving it mid-way or not starting at all is huge. Therefore, presentation being the key, ensure that the demonstration of even complex content is creative but simple. Simple always works!
  • Because music is the strongest form of magic – Everyone likes drama as far as it's not their own. Music adds that element to your content. The background music / music in general, depending on what suits your content, helps keep a viewer involved at all times and also, adds a little to the entertainment quotient of your video. Although, make sure you choose your music wisely as it is supposed to compliment, not overshadow your content.
  • Being Unique is better than being perfect– Who wouldn't want to keep aside their life problems or a boring day at work and enjoy a bit of a laugh? Be it a video, a meme or a picture, majority of the content that goes viral has a funny leg to it. Funny content does wonders in attracting and holding attention, has good share value and not to forget, crazy amount of mentions / tags. From subtle puns to hardcode pranks, funny sells!
  • Because Vanilla is not fancy anymore – This one is a no-brainer! No amount of simplicity, drama or quirkiness can aid you if your content is bad. However, these elements when mixed with good and interesting content, there's no stopping you. A fascinating topic, good narrative and a curious introduction goes a long way.
  • Words are free, how you use them is the trick – Research for optimized file name and be on top of your keywords. In simple words, think of the words that a viewer will search for. Using more frequently used / trending words increases your viewership. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become a common knowledge these days, use that to your benefit. Better your title using the right keywords and pay special attention to video descriptions.
  • Timing is everything– The timings of what you upload and when is crucial. A perfectly good video can be lost and how, if not for time. In our opinion, one of the most strategically correct time to release a video is around lunch time, early in the week. With the weekend still afar, tendency of people being distracted is more. So if your content hit the right cords, it'll be the star of the lunch table.
  • Because together everyone achieves more– It's mandate for a video to have maximum shares if it wants to viral. Not just millions of shares by viewers but also shares by the right people. If you're creating professional content, get the right synergies and partnerships. These partnerships will work as influencers and manifold your viewership by reaching more and the right target audience.
  • Personal touch – Once the likes, shares and comments overflow, respond to as many people as possible. Personal touch blooms the sense of belonging and will increase the chances of gaining a long-term viewer and it will definitely garner good word-of-mouth.

The secret is out, good luck climbing the stairway to internet virality.

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Vishal Mull & Pratiek Mehta

Co-founders, Fabform

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