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UAE Edtech Startup Lamsa World Secures Investment From MBRIF

Lamsa's platform hosts a library of content (tailored for children aged up to 12 years old) including stories, games and videos that are incorporated with the local Arabic flavor and values, and meet international standards.


Ways Through Which Entrepreneurs can Achieve Success in 2018

Technology and innovation are changing the entrepreneur's mark of success


5 Emerging Technologies for Rapid Digital Transformation

Digital way of working will be boosted by the following innovations


VR Technology a Boon for the Prospective Property Buyer

The probability of visualising the real world without actually being in it is an experience that is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate industry


'This Is Climate Change' Tells an Urgent Message Via Virtual Reality

Whether you're selling a product or a societal warning like global warming, VR is the wave of the future.

Science & Technology

The Future of Augmented Reality (Infographic)

This innovative technology is disrupting nearly every industry.


Here's How Privacy is Threatened by AR/VR

The digital information that one puts online today is practically impossible to be erased from the internet


How New Age Technologies Are Changing the Ad-Tech Industry

CMOs worldwide had experimented with all these new age technologies and much ahead of Indian markets in adopting to these new age technologies.

Science & Technology

Virtual Reality Is Already Changing How We Work and Communicate

VR will allow you to connect on a genuinely human level, regardless of where you are in the world.


Four Ways You're Probably Addicted to Virtual Reality Already

The recent advent of VR technologies has led to an increased psychological dependence amongst individuals on such technologies

Growing a Business

We Used Virtual Reality as a Training Tool. Here's What We Learned.

New technologies may provide a chance to rethink your business and improve it in ways not yet imagined.

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7 Branding Trends Every Business Owner Should Watch Out For

Branding is evolving at a burgeoning pace. What used to work last year may not necessarily work this year and change is the only constan

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Stop Thinking Killer App and Start Thinking Killer Experience

Virtual reality and augmented reality strategies from an industry veteran.

Business News

Is 'Ready Player One' Showing Us Our Virtual Reality Future?

This expert predicts the winner of the battle between VR and AR.