Virtual Reality

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Exploring How Virtual Reality is Changing Startups

Virtual reality's immersive environment is where startup marketing is headed, and early adopters will be the ones who profit.


5 Trends Shaping the Next Generation of Digital Marketing

These IT platforms offer a unique opportunity for brands to connect organically with their demographic by partnering with influencers who boast a loyal following.

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Nazara Technologies Pledges USD 100 Mn for Global Expansion

The Mumbai-based startup will focus on established gaming IP's, studios and also those advancing in cutting-edge technologies like web3, virtual reality, and AI.

Business Solutions

How Can Spatial Computing Make Industrial Development More Intuitive and Seamless?

It's about improving the customer experience by combining virtual reality and physical reality.

Science & Technology

The Secret Weapon for Crushing Workplace Communication Barriers

While hype around the metaverse hasn't gone anywhere, there's something brewing that's actually being practically applied in companies: AR instead of VR. Although Apple's Vision Pro is at this point ludicrously expensive, there are far cheaper options that are already providing practical benefits.

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The Future of Retail Is in Immersive Real-Time 3D Experiences

Retailers, consumer goods companies, and customers can benefit from the heightened, streamlined experiences offered through real-time 3D.

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The New Face of Money: How Banks are Leveraging Metaverse for Good

Banks have long banked on two phenomena- if they can get the attention of customers when they are young, they can hold on to them for life and the customer-executive relation in a traditional physical space. But with time, the sector has aced spotting which change to adapt and which to avoid. Safe to say, they have been open to the adoption of Metaverse and virtual realities in their systems.


Bring the Power of Real-Time 3D Gaming to the Industrial World

Industry-specific tools allow non-gaming industries to integrate customized 3D solutions for AR, VR, and more.

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Choose Your Reality: a Head-to-Head Comparison of the Latest and Upcoming AR/VRs

But before you get your cards or cash out, you need to know what will be the perfect fit for you, and this article will be your guide to uncovering the best AR/VR/MR products the market has to offer.

Business News

Meta Turns to 10-Year-Olds to Achieve Mark Zuckerberg's Vision — a 'Beyond the Pale' Move That's Raising Red Flags

The move follows the company's decision earlier this year to allow people under 18 to join Horizon Worlds.


The Apple Vision Pro Will Revolutionize Remote Work — Just Not for Apple Employees. Here's Why.

The Apple Vision Pro headset will facilitate flexible work — undermining the tech giant's inflexible top-down approach.

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Is Apple About to Save Virtual Reality? It Depends on These 3 Factors

All eyes are on Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5th, where the tech giant is rumored to be debuting its first VR and AR technology hardware.

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The Metaverse Might Not Be Relevant Anymore, But AR Will Still Transform Industries

The steep decline in Web3 funding comes amid massive investments from the tech giants into augmented reality.

Science & Technology

Are AI Coaches the Future? Will Bill Belichick Be Replaced By AI? Here's How Global Digitization is Transforming Sports

The global sports technology market has seen huge investments in the past couple of years, with a record-setting $1.4 billion invested into sports tech in 2020. How will this financial influx change sports and entertainment?

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Apple To Postpone AR Glasses Launch, Working On Mixed Reality Headset: Report

The report stated that virtual and augmented reality will be included in Apple's mixed reality headset and is likely to be announced at the spring event this year