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Ways Through Which Entrepreneurs can Achieve Success in 2018 Technology and innovation are changing the entrepreneur's mark of success

By Naval Goel

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The growing technology such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality is changing the way how companies do business these days. Nowadays, achieving the goal or attaining success is quite difficult as it used to be 5 or 10 years ago. As the technology is getting advanced day by day, so if you do not accept the changes and new technology then it will become hard to run your business successfully. If you don't become well versed with the updating technology then you might lose several potential customers and opportunities in which your competitors may be dealing.

Apart from the updated technology and resources, the well-thought-out approaches to daily business will assist a lot in the growth of your organization, especially in the long term. To help you to choose the right path, a few steps are mentioned below that will surely help you in order to achieve success in the modern business world.

Put Your Focus on Revenue Generation and Profitability

Well, it is important for modern business owners to understand that their business is much like the traditional businesses. Running a business successfully is not about getting endless funding and sustaining your growth. It's basically about creating the unit economically viable. Entrepreneurs should start focusing on revenue generation and profitability.

Don't Lose the Goal

It is important for entrepreneurs to think about the long-term while they are planning for their short-term actions. While you are completely focusing on the rapid growth and failing in the same might lead you to lose sight of the bigger picture. And at this time, people usually start taking hasty actions without thinking about consequences. It is advisable for all, that don't do such things that contradict your dream just for the temporary growth.

Explore New Ways

It should be your inbuilt quality when you become an entrepreneur that you have the capacity of thinking new ways. Just the standard form of running a business will not be beneficial always, it is important to explore new plans which should be innovative and possible to implement. Entrepreneurs should keep themselves aware of new technologies and should totally be up to date on the topics related to their businesses.

Don't be a - Mater of all Trades Jack of None

One thing that you should understand as an entrepreneur that don't strive to become best at all. If you try to be good at each and everything then it will simply lead your business towards failure. To be good at each and everything is possible and required learning but everyone has an expert area. For rest of the areas, you have your team to do the job.

Respect Rules But They Shouldn't Stop You

We all say that rules are meant to broken but on becoming an entrepreneur it is very important to respect them. You should respect them but it is also very important that they should not be the barrier. You can alter rules according to the need of the situation that will lead you towards goals. It is a key to attain growth with minimal pushback.

Unlock Value From Every "No'

As an entrepreneur, it is very important to use a "no" in a beneficial manner. Being an entrepreneur, listening no is a common thing from investors, employees, and customers as well. Learning from your "no" makes you stronger, builds character and assists you to think creatively. Just keep in mind that a "no" today is a delayed "yes" when you get it correct.

Focus on Starting, not on Optimizing

If you are working on a product, don't just try to make it correct out of the gate. Like if you are running ads, then just don't focus on cost-per-clicks down to your target directly. If you're getting started, put more effort into building revenue, not profit. Profit optimization will come later, once you have something with traction.

Take Advantage of New Tech Opportunities

As discussed above, we are noticing the rapid increase in the technology on a daily basis. There is always a new product or process which can easily help your business to grow more efficiently and effectively as well. If you don't learn the same quickly then you will surely fall. It's important to be well-read in the tech space and to network with other business owners to learn new techniques and process.


Just be yourself when you are running a business, keep exploring and learning new things. Don't ever lose hope if you face any failure, learn something from it and start your journey. Entrepreneurship is all about achieving long-term goals so just focus on that and plan accordingly.

Naval Goel


Naval Goel is the CEO of
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