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Honey, I Shrunk Your Meal

Harsh Batra, the fitness freak who developed the Indian equivalent of the US- based Soylent shares how he is 'shaking up' this brand new market.

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4 Startup Ideas to Truly Inspire an "Udta" Punjab

These startup ideas could help reduce harm of the drug menace

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Love Your Trash

Raj Desai and Pratik Agarwal, Co-founders, ThinkScream, figured out WiFi as that incentive towards making a bigger social impact.


How a Couple of College Kids Turned a Silly Sport into a Booming Business

Bubble soccer is the best kind of business bubble for Damon Grace and Lucas Andrews.

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A Bolt From The Blue

Satyajeet Mohanty along with Ronak Kumar Samantray, the co-inventor of the idea and chief advisor, shares their craziness with Entrepreneur India.


The Anti-Café Where Time Is Money

India's first Anti-Café.


"The Office Fridge Is Always Filled With Beer Bottles!"

We exclusively interviewed India's first e-invoicing technology provider. The only thing missing was the beer.

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How an Off-Season Hobby Grew into a Slick Business

Brent Christensen's Ice Castles creates frozen fantasies, and business is heating up.

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This Shaving Strop Makes Razors Last Longer

A part-time singer's company provides a stylish way to save money


How This Man Turned His Passion Into His Profession

A resourceful inventor brings his creative concepts to life.

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How a New York Storefront Points Out the Joy of the Pencil

CW Pencil has the write stuff.


Mmmm, Crickets: How Exo Protein Bars Found Its Wings

Two entrepreneurs are singing the praises of cricket-based protein bars.

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How One Company's Light Bulb Moment Improved Skateboard Safety

Skateboarders stay safe with customizable adhesive lights.

Thought Leaders

4 Examples of Risks Leading to Reward

Meet the mavericks whose eccentric ideas paid off big.


6 Wacky Franchises You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Check out these six franchises with unique ideas that you'll have to read about to believe.