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25 U.S. States Are Raising Minimum Wages in 2024. Here's What It Means for Your State

Meanwhile, 20 states will remain at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, which hasn't been increased since 2009.

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Widespread Strikes Have Resulted in 4.1 Million Missed Days of Work in 2023 (So Far)

From autoworkers to actors, 2023 has witnessed a remarkable surge in strikes across various industries, with over 353,000 workers participating in work stoppages.

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Wage Growth Outpaces Inflation for First Time in 2 Years, Offering Hope for Economic Growth in the U.S. — But Will the Wage Gains Last?

Some experts are concerned about a wage-price spiral, but research suggests that wage gains have had minimal impact on inflation.


How to Close Your Wage Gap and Open Equity at Work

Wage gaps aren't just a pay discrimination issue; they're an inclusive workforce issue.

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The Dark Side of Pay Transparency — And What to Do If You Find Out You're Being Underpaid

There are many reasons employers and workers advocate for pay transparency — it can build trust, lead to fair compensation for historically underpaid individuals and eliminate the stigma surrounding money talk. But as the practice becomes normalized, honesty can backfire.


8 Ways To Empower the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Here's what organizations and leaders can do to instill courage and inspire our younger generation of female entrepreneurs.

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Get Familiar With This Latest Economic Buzzword — Because It's Hurting Your Wallet

Federal Reserve officials and economists have honed in on another inflation indicator.

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Salary Expectations Reach a Historic High — And The Increase Comes Mostly From This Demographic

According to a survey by the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the increase in salary expectations is the highest it's ever been since the series began.

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Heads Up, Employers: Your New Hires Want $73,000 A Year

Wages have not kept up with inflation.


Four Years Ago, This Chick-Fil-A Started Paying $17 An Hour. It Transformed the Business.

Back in 2018, Eric Mason made headlines when he began paying his employees a "living wage." On this side of the great recession, his experience could be a roadmap for other fast food franchises.

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This tiktoker asks people on the street how much they earn and is becoming a sensation

The questions are part of a project that seeks to raise awareness around the pay gap.

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Why Intelligent Automation Is the Only Answer to Wage Inflation

Computerized horses are out of the barn, and we're either chasing them down or we're a part of the herd.

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Record Number of American Workers Quit Their Jobs, Signaling Labor Market Squeeze

The Labor Department's Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), released Nov. 12, showed that 4.4 million U.S. workers quit their jobs in September, a record high.

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Texas Factory Activity Sees Solid Expansion but Supply Chain Woes Worsen

The production index rose to a reading of 24.2 in September, up 3.4 percentage points from 20.8 in August.