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Wall Street Banks Slapped with $549 Million in Fines for Using WhatsApp 'Off-Channel' at Work

Among the fined banks, Wells Fargo faces the steepest penalty at $125 million.


She's The First Bangladeshi Woman to Work On Wall Street. This Is The Mindset Shift She Made to Convince Skeptics to Invest In Her Longshot Mission.

As every entrepreneur knows, getting others to believe is the first major hurdle. Durreen Shahnaz, founder of the world's first social impact stock exchange, shares her hardwon insights on selling unconventional ideas.

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Will Apple Acquire Disney? An Influential Analyst Thinks So. 'Worth More Together.'

A merger would increase Apple's value by 15% to 25%.

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The Average Wall Street Bonus Decreased By 26% in 2022, According to a New Report

It's the largest drop since the Great Recession.

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What Did Bernie Madoff Do? Everything to Know About the Disgraced Financier Ahead of Netflix's 'Madoff: The Monster of Wall'

Bernie Madoff died in prison while serving a 150 sentence for his crimes.

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Life on Wall Street Was Confidential, But Gen Z Is Flipping the Script

The biggest firms don't want to give up control of the narrative completely.

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Top Investment Banks Boost Intern Pay to $16,000 a Month Amidst Wall Street Talent War

Wall Street is dishing out millions to compete for top-tier talent in an airtight labor market.

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Unemployment Claims Fall to Pandemic Low Amid Tight Labor Market

First-time filings for unemployment claims totaled 290,000 for that week ended on Oct. 16, reporting that the figure was down 6,000 from the previous week.

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The First Quantum Computing Company Makes Wall Street Debut

IonQ made history by becoming the first quantum computing hardware company to go public.

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Economist Nouriel Roubini Warns of Growing Risk of Stagflationary Crisis

'The rosy scenario that is currently priced into financial markets may turn out to be a pipe dream,' Roubini says.

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Stock Futures Rise Ahead of Unemployment Data Release

Wall Street futures edged up on Thursday as investors looked to the weekly jobless claims filings.

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Bernie Madoff, Wall Street Financier and Ponzi Scheme Organizer, Has Died at Age 82

Madoff carried out the biggest pyramid scheme in US history before going to prison in 2009.

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After Failing Miserably the First Time, WeWork Merges With NBA Owner's SPAC for Second Shot at Going Public

The coworking startup gets a new lease on shareholder life thanks to BowX Acquisition Corp.