Walmart Has Allegedly Been Dumping Hazardous Waste and Confidential Customer Information

California officials have filed a lawsuit against Walmart for its disposal practices, estimating that more than 1 million items of hazardous waste are being sent to landfills annually.

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Shipping Problems to Persist Through 2022 Amid Supply Chain Crisis: Economists

Roughly 77 ships are currently waiting outside docks in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, carrying a staggering $24 billion worth of goods waiting to be offloaded, CNBC reported, citing economists at Goldman Sachs.

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Video Exposes Walmart Warehouse Hoarding PlayStation Consoles Amid Supply Chain Issues

One worker's TikTok showing a storage facility at Walmart is going viral amid the pre-holiday shopping surge.

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Walmart Charters Cargo Ships Amid Supply Crisis

The supply chain issues have been exacerbated by logjammed ports, COVID-19 and U.S.-China trade relations, as well as extreme weather. 

Walmart Shuts Down Fake Press Release Claiming That Crypto Coin Can Be Used as Payment

A fake statement was released which claimed that Walmart had entered a partnership with popular cryptocurrency Litecoin.

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Walmart Ends Quarterly Employee Bonuses While Raising Wages

The move will make compensation more consistent and predictable, a spokesperson said. 

Recall on Packaged Lettuce Sold in Walmart, on Salmonella Concerns

BrightFarms says the move is "out of an abundance of caution."

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Walmart Slammed for "Offensive and Unacceptable" Email With Racist Slur

Users quickly realized that the email had been sent from the address

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Major Grocery Chains Begin to Drop Mask Requirements for Shoppers

Trader Joe's, Walmart and Publix are among major stores allowing fully vaccinated customers to shop without masks.

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Walmart Feuds With Kanye West Over Yeezy Logo, Claims It'll Lead to Confusion

The retail giant says his apparel brand's prospective new design is too similar to its 13-year-old logo.

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Walmart Is Planning to Turn Two-Thirds of Its Workforce Into Full-Time Employees by End of Year

The move is expected to add about 100,000 more full-time roles than the company had five years ago.

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The Seller's Guide to Ecommerce Success on Amazon, Instacart, Walmart and Target

These four major ecommerce platforms require different strategies for success.