Netflix signs alliance with Walmart to sell products inspired by its content

What is your favorite show? Soon you will be able to buy merchandise from your favorite show.

Walmart Charters Cargo Ships Amid Supply Crisis

The supply chain issues have been exacerbated by logjammed ports, COVID-19 and U.S.-China trade relations, as well as extreme weather. 

What are the richest families in the world? Their combined fortune increased 22% in the last year according to Bloomberg.

Last names like Walton, Mars, Koch and Hermes are synonymous with power and great fortunes, but these are only part of the list of richest families in the world, know the rest.

Walmart Shuts Down Fake Press Release Claiming That Crypto Coin Can Be Used as Payment

A fake statement was released which claimed that Walmart had entered a partnership with popular cryptocurrency Litecoin.

Emily Rella

Walmart Ends Quarterly Employee Bonuses While Raising Wages

The move will make compensation more consistent and predictable, a spokesperson said. 

Recall on Packaged Lettuce Sold in Walmart, on Salmonella Concerns

BrightFarms says the move is "out of an abundance of caution."

Euni Han

Walmart will let its senior packers go back to work, under some conditions

This will happen when the epidemiological traffic light in Mexico is at the lowest level of risk for COVID-19.

Walmart to launch its own insulin brand

To facilitate access to medicine in the United States, Walmart decided to take out a cheaper option than the average insulin.

Walmart Launches Unlimited Home Delivery Program, See How You Can Take Advantage Of It

With the Walmart Pass membership you can receive your purchases at home, unlimited and without shipping costs for minimum purchases of $ 499.

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