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Ushering in the Era of Digital Agriculture

Organizations are already making an effort to drive digital agriculture!


Water Crisis : A Plethora of Opportunity for Startups Lies Here!

The Cauvery River dispute posses an opportunity for technology startups!

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Bangalore Comes to a Halt : How are Startups and MNCs Coping with this Turmoil?

#CauveryIssue brings life and business to halt. How are startups, MNCs working around this situation?


5 Ways Technology Can Help Save Water; Here's How!

In order to take the right decisions, one needs dependable data. Our decisions will be better if they are data backed!


6 Questions That Changed My Startup

Building a smart, simple, sustainable product

Growth Strategies

These 4 Startups Have Solution To Water Crisis

Much-needed solution for smart cities.


This Clean Tech Startup Has Spark To Change The World

A much needed solution for smart cities In India.


Two Founders Share Real-World Bootstrapping Secrets

Learn from people who've been there and made it work.

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3 Ways Your Social Business Will Be Better Than a Charity

Find out how the three pillars of the Charity Industrial Complex are holding charities back from really making an impact and how your social business can be different.

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Call Uber To Contribute For Maharashtra Drought Relief

We've made it easier for contributors by setting up an online campaign and working with our driver-partners to collect the cheque at their doorstep. - Uber official

Science & Technology

7 Clean-Tech Companies That Solve More Than Environmental Problems

To get people to make a change, sometimes it needs to be more than the right thing to do.


Let's Celebrate Earth Day With Some Green Startups

Three startups whose focus is on making the world a better place to live.

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5 Ways How Small Businesses Can Save The Planet

Today is 46th Anniversary of Earth Day, It's the time of the year to get involved, give to the cause and spread the word.

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8 Items You Need on Your Desk

These are the essentials.

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How a Thirst for Fashion Is Driving Sales for This Hot Accessory

Stylish stainless-steal water bottles have earned celebrities and high-end stores as fans.