These 4 Startups Have Solution To Water Crisis Much-needed solution for smart cities.

By Samiksha Jain

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We are seeing a surge in the startup companies who are coming up with innovative ideas to deal with the environmental problem. Whether we talk about pollution, waste management or providing purified water, entrepreneurs have solutions for all of them.

If we look at the figures of United Nations, water use has grown at more than twice the rate of population increase in the last century. It is estimated that the demand for water will surpass the supply as early as 2025 creating opportunity for the budding entrepreneur to tap it.

With the growth of urbanization and water scarcity in India, these startups can become a much-needed solution for smart cities and businesses in India and globally.

Improving access to clean water through entrepreneurship:

With the mission to improve access to clean water, WaterWalla was founded in August 2010 by a group of 5 American college students from the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. WaterWalla works on franchise business model where it helps entrepreneurs to establish micro-businesses that sell and distribute POU technologies from companies such as Bajaj, Eureka Forbes, and TATA.

They are engaging change makers working in different verticals such as business communities, academics etc. to develop a leader who understands the global issue of water crisis.

Operating in Dharavi, Mumbai, company allow local mobs to run their own WaterWalla shops by giving them storefront, marketing assistance and access to technology.

With solving the problem of water crisis, this organization is inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among common mob.

Delivering water can at your doorstep:

HapServe, an eCommerce platform for drinking water delivers purified and quality drinking water cans to customers at their preferred time and place through an online platform (website/mobile application).

With the aim to be the marketplace for its own selected water plants, startup provides coupons to the customers with each booking to increase the sales of both water and local market business based on the selected area.

Beautifying your water experience:

NextDrop, a startup that inform its users at what time water will be supplied in their area is solving the water problem by using basing mobile phone.

The Bangalore-based company use mobile phones to collect real time water delivery information from water operators in the field and distribute this information to the people who need it: city residents and engineers in the water utility.

Their services help urban residents save time and reduce the daily stress of uncertain water, while enabling utilities to become more efficient and more transparent.

Creating sustainable engineered products that intelligently conserve water

Founded by Samit Choksi and Priya Vakil Choksi in 2015, Thinkphi uses interactive process of product development and enhancement. The company's first product is almost like a smart tree called "Ulta Chaata", an inverted canopy looking structure provides potable water by capturing rainwater during the monsoon and solar energy during the rest of the year.

Startup mission is to build aesthetically pleasing, yet simple products that create positive impact on the environment through the use of sustainable and renewable resources. Within a short span since inception, Thinkphi has steadily built a team of engineers with a background in mechanical, computer science and industrial design who believe that simple ideas, inspired by nature, have the power to change the world.

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