Web Content


How to Design an Eye-Catching Website That Truly Captures Your Audience

The rules governing a "well-designed website" are in constant flux. So getting insights into the latest web design trends for 2024 is crucial to captivate visitors and engage the right audience for your business.


Trying to Create Engaging Content for a Niche Industry? Here Are 5 Strategies to Help You Succeed.

Explore effective strategies for crafting specialized content that resonates with niche industries.

Science & Technology

5 Mistakes I Learned to Avoid When Working With ChatGPT

What I learned from using ChatGPT for business purposes day-to-day across my content websites.

Science & Technology

3 Principles for Scaling Content With AI Without Sacrificing Quality

This piece offers insider guidance on using human-AI collaboration to efficiently produce large quantities of articles without sacrificing editorial standards.


Why Brands Should Direct User-Generated Content

With the rise of user-generated social media posts, here's why brands should direct and have control over all of the content out there that's associated with their name.


How to Make Your Content 300% More Effective While Also Saving Time and Money

Repurposing content is a cost-effective and time-efficient way to maximize the value of your content marketing efforts.


Why You Need to Develop Your Website's Content and Design in Tandem

What comes first in website development — design or copy? Ultimately, it comes down to balance. Here's why.


How to Outrank AI-Generated Content With Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

You can leverage Google EAT and other tactics to outrank AI-generated content, spammers and your competition.


6 Key Benefits of Starting Your Own Live Show

My live show helped me gain new clients and partners, and it also grew my network. Here's how starting your own live show can help you do the same.


Are You, Like Most People, Spending Too Much on a Website?

But how much should you be spending on this all-important asset?

Business Process

Content is Queen! 4 Simple Ways To Level Up Your Content

Content is vital to gaining and retaining your customers. Without good content, you cannot create authority for yourself, build trust with your customers or attract as many new ones. Here are four easy ways to get your content to the next level.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0: How These Entrepreneurs Made the Switch

Even established players are joining the blockchain revolution. You should as well.


Content Marketing Quick-Start Guide: 3 Things Your B2B Startup Should Publish First

Without the time or resources to burn on trial-and-error, these will help get your content program profitable in months, not years.


6 Ways to Determine if Your Content Marketing Team is Delivering Results

The key is in knowing your marketing goals and whether you've reached them.

Social Media

How to Use Pop-Up Ads Without Annoying Your Visitors

Capitalize on the benefits of a pop-up ad without irritating or turning off your audience.