Wikipedia dejará de aceptar donaciones en criptomoneda por petición de los usuarios

Tras meses de discusión la plataforma toma la decisión de ya no aceptar pagos en criptomonedas. Aquí te explicamos sus razones.

Wikipedia will stop accepting donations in cryptocurrency at the request of users

After months of discussion, the platform makes the decision to no longer accept payments in cryptocurrencies. Here we explain their reasons.

Ante la amenaza de un bloqueo, usuarios rusos respaldan Wikipedia de manera masiva

Diversas redes sociales y medios de comunicación han dejado de funcionar en territorio ruso. Los usuarios de la enciclopedia libre y colaborativa se preparan ante un posible veto.

Faced with the threat of a blockade, Russian users endorse Wikipedia en masse

Various social networks and media outlets have stopped working on Russian territory. Users of the free and collaborative encyclopedia prepare for a possible veto.

5 Tips To Get Yourself a Personal Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia ranks higher than LinkedIn on Google search rankings and has more credibility because of the challenge of creating and maintaining a profile

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The North Face Is Sorry for Hacking Wikipedia Photos to Promote Brand

The company and its ad agency did this to take advantage of Google's search algorithms.

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15 Surprising Facts About Wikipedia

Today, there are more than 32.5 million Wikipedians in the world.

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Decentralized Ridesharing - The Next Step

The decentralized ride-sharing business model proposes that two disjoint identities should be decoupled, meaning they should have a separate legal identity

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Entrepreneurs Are Paying Wikipedia Editors to Create Profile Pages

It's technically against Wikipedia's rules. But that hasn't stopped this underground marketplace from thriving.

What I Learned When a Wikipedia Troll Deleted My Page

The real rules of the game are hidden, political, and bizarre.

At SXSW: Wikipedia's Founder on Privacy, Diversity and Robots Writing Encyclopedia Entries

Jimmy Wales talked with Guy Kawasaki about the pressures shaping the online encyclopedia for the future.

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