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Let's Celebrate Ola's All-women Factory, But That's Just a Start

Female workforce participation in India ranks among the lowest out of 131 countries, according to International Labour Organization


A self-reliant India needs self-reliant women

Bandhan Bank, from the very beginning, has worked on the conviction that empowering women with entrepreneurial capabilities has a multiplier effect in bringing social change.


Making Change Happen: H.E. Sheikha Intisar AlSabah

The founder of the Intisar Foundation -who is also a princess of the Kuwaiti royal family and a serial entrepreneur- is on a mission to empower one million Arab women.

Thought Leaders

5 Words to Try On for Women's History Month

Little Words Project makes jewelry that helps women express themselves and encourage each other. Founder Adriana Carrig recommends five words to wear now.


At 32, This Woman Is the Mother of Two And Two-time MP

Raksha Nikhil Khadse is fondly addressed as Tai, or elder sister, by people of her constituency because of her good and social work

Growth Strategies

Driving Change (Through Tech): Empowering Women To Innovate Without Restrictions

One in three startups in the region today were founded by or are led by women- a higher percentage than in Silicon Valley.


This Organization Helps Women Become Entrepreneurs

AROHA entered the capacity building space with the aim of striking a balance between social and economic empowerment among rural poor women, and now works for urban poor women as well


Drivers Of Change: Advancing Women's Inclusion In The Economy

The World Development Report (WDR) 2019, released by World Bank under the title The Changing Nature of Work, states that developing the skillsets of all members of society, especially women, and enabling them in their workplace will protect communities around the world from the negative impact of technology.

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Why India Needs a New Brigade of Women Empowerment Companies?

In their new Women Empowerment Company avatar, feminine health, and hygiene brands can become the torchbearers of the much-needed change and perception building in society

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Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal is a Story of Perseverance and Persistence

Entrepreneurship is something Nepal is far from being known for, women entrepreneurship, in that case, could be a greater challenge

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Empowering Women at Workplaces to Accelerate Company Growth

With the role of women in powering growth of organizations established beyond doubt, emphasis needs to be placed on ways and means to make this happen

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#Shepreneurs: How These Women in Off-beat Roles Do Everything & Get Everything Done

They are mothers, daughters, sisters but most of all they are women who are stepping beyond their roles in the society

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Celebrating the Rise of #Shepreneurs

As a country, India has unique traits and opportunities for women entrepreneurship to proliferate and these initiatives need to be encouraged in their own turfs instead of trying to push them into a definitive style and scope of starting a business

Growth Strategies

Women's Day Special: Women in the Boardroom

Here's how we can take a pledge to create an ecosystem that's conducive to gender-diversity

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Female Entrepreneurs are Re-defining the World of Business

According to the Sixth Economic Census by the National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) of the 58.5 Mn businesses in India, only 8.05 Mn are managed by women entrepreneurs