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Team Needs a Coach Who is Trained to Become One

The coaches of other sporting teams will learn from this fiasco, and the respective sports bodies begin to train coaches to be coaches

Growth Strategies

Are Women Real Estate Agents Changing the Game?

Real Estate has evolved into a field with a higher degree of professionalism that's well suited to women

Thought Leaders

Sarah Pendrick Talks GirlTalk and How Women Can Empower Each Other

Trust the journey and stop putting so much pressure on yourself, she says.

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Six Ways To Help Empower Female Employees At The Workplace

With continued conversation and support, women are taking the initiative to set expectations about leadership diversity like never before.


Cherie Blair Wants Women to Know 'They Can, They Absolutely Can'

The Queen's Counsel speaks about her learnings as a committed campaigner for women's rights, equality and human rights issues


A Daughter's Account on Reviving the Renewable Energy Maker

Suzlon 2.0: Daddy's girl grows up from the shadow of her illustrious billionaire father

News and Trends

Indian Women Cricket Team Prove its Mettle Off-field. BCCI to Launch Women IPL Team

A BCCI official announced that in the next three years, the Board is planning to launch a women series of IPL

Growth Strategies

A Discourse on Women and Workforce in India

Women help build an inspiring work culture by bringing in healthy competition, fostering teamwork, bonding and thereby helping the company grow to its full potential

Women Entrepreneur™

2017-18: A Year of Many 'Firsts' and 'Achievements' for Indian Women

The Year 2017-18 has been witness to a galore of grand achievements by women from all corners of India and Entrepreneur India takes pride in introducing them before you

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Shah Rukh Khan Advocates Women's Right to Assert Choices in His Davos Speech

The megastar averred acid-attacks to be one of the basest, crudest acts of subjugation imaginable

News and Trends

How Digital Mediums have Empowered and Enabled Women

The onset of Digital Media has also motivated women to speak, talk and discuss matters which are very much relevant to their respectful survival


Fighting The Status Quo: Lina Khalifeh Sets Out To End Violence Against Women With Her SheFighter Academy

Using her skills and background, Lina Khalifeh launched the social enterprise to empower women globally.

News and Trends

Why 83% of Indian Employees Want to Be Entrepreneurs?

India has become an emerging market for global investors and entrepreneurship is majorly contributing to the country's economy


The Queen of Indian Cricket Mithali Raj Says Women Must Back Themselves

Regarded as one of the greatest cricketing batters, Raj has set a precedent for women to choose their dreams over societal expectations

Social Media

This Indian App Aims to Give Women a Private Place to Network

Able believes that when like-minded women come together it can often blossom into valuable friendships.