How Digital Mediums have Empowered and Enabled Women The onset of Digital Media has also motivated women to speak, talk and discuss matters which are very much relevant to their respectful survival

By Nidhi Yadav

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She strove, got noticed, and won! This is how digital media is helping women entrepreneurs all across the world. Their feminine spirit, intellect, and courage of triggering disruptions in the digital ecosphere are transforming their ideas into realities. Digital landscapes are creating effective networks for aspiring women; for many of them, digitization brings business opportunities, and for others, it is a universal platform to unveil their rocking ideas and talent. On the whole, it's a win-win platform. The era of Internet & E-commerce has made them utilize their self-attained capabilities and potential to the fullest.

Digital, is not only the most quintessential platform to raise voice and get heard, but it's also the most fertile ground to explore business opportunities and cultivate profits for women entrepreneurs around the world, including India. Digital Media is the safest avenue for women to follow and uphold their dreams for a better tomorrow.

Women and New Media

In the last few years, the effective camouflage of Internet and Social Media has successfully converted many big ideas into powerful brands, and unlike the traditional business ecosystem, the performance of companies run by women leaders is pretty impressive and inspirational on digital landscapes. Digital media has given a new spark to feminism, gender equality, and women empowerment. From social awakening to education and individual right to economic liberty, digital media is fast emerging as the true power of liberalization for women.

Business beyond Dreams

As financial dependence was a big hurdle in the growth and development of women, E-entrepreneurship became a great force for women to cross these hurdles. The success stories of women entrepreneurs one after another have made the digital landscape a vast harbor of enterprising opportunities. Be it the ambitious Kanika Tekriwal, the founder of JetSetGo, India's first marketplace for hiring private jets and helicopters or the health freak Shantala Bhat whose 'Gamatics' is making big shots in Indian sports' arena, the entrepreneurial power of Indian women increased manifolds in the ongoing digital revolution.

Digital Media has added wings to women's ambitions; to fly high and create businesses with impact. That's why, Radhika Aggarwal (Founder of Shopclues), Falguni Nayyar (Founder of Nykaa), Pranshu Bhandari (Cofounder of CultureAlley), Sakshi Talwar (Founder of Rugs and Beyond), Sabina Chopra (Co-Founder of Yatra.Com), Sairee Chahal (Founder of Sheroes), and hundreds of other successful women believe that Digital Media has played a big role in their achievements. Also, the beauty of digital business is that one can operate/start it even from one's drawing room. It has helped many women to be independent and rising.

Planning for a Fairer World

Apart from career and business, Digital Media is equally influential in the other walks of life for the Indian woman. Today, she is more empowered to raise her voice on issues such as Triple Talaq, domestic violence, and marital rape. The onset of Digital Media has also motivated women to speak, talk and discuss matters which are very much relevant to their respectful survival but has been flagged as taboos in patriarchal societies. Now they have platforms to discuss these issues without inhibitions and restraint. In this changing scenario, Aditi Gupta has set up 'Menstrupedia' to educate women about periods, while stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal is making brilliant efforts to dispel unnecessary fears and inhibitions among women through her shows.

It wouldn't be an over exaggeration to state that social media has really socialized women to a great extent and social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have proved to be very effective in raising their collective voice and mobilizing their energy in the right direction. The 'Me too' movement initiated by Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano against sexual harassment and assault is a live example that how strongly the social media has connected the women to fight for their rights and justice.

Driver of Change

The birth of digital media has brought so many opportunities for women to celebrate their talent, ideas, skills, and creativity in almost every field and especially in trade & commerce. They are now more capable of accepting challenges and giving a tough competition to their male counterparts like never before. They are now more empowered to raise their voice and more confident to move up & rise.

Nidhi Yadav

Creative Head & Founder, AKS- Ethnic Wear

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