Growth Strategies

A Flexible Shift: A Look At The Workspace Ecosystem Post The COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 crisis, there has been the consolidation of the workspace players, as the pandemic has created winners and losers within this industry.

Science & Technology

How Mobile Apps Can Help You Establish and Maintain an Agile Workspace

Having an internal communication mobile app can play a huge role in maintaining and flourishing your agile workspace. Here's how.

News and Trends

Smartworks Adds Vaishnavi Tech Park To Its Portfolio

The company aims to reach the INR 1000 crore revenue milestone this year

Business News

Creating an Engaging Workforce Through Thoughtful Office Space

The future of work might just depend upon our comfort levels.


Healthy Hybrid Workplaces Need Wolves and Piranhas

Businesses need a balance of empathy and strategy to create a healthy, collaborative environment.


Why Smart Drugs Don't Make You Smarter

Neuroscience-based workspace and lifestyle design to help your brain do better.

Business Culture

In Defense of the Office

When people joyfully speak of never having to go back to work in an office, I feel a pang of sadness.

News and Trends

Virtuzone Leads US$1 Million Seed Funding Round In Hotdesk To Bring Flexible On-Demand Workspace Solutions To The UAE

Dubai-based Hotdesk enables its users to search for and book workspaces, meeting rooms as well as private offices on an hourly, daily, monthly, or yearly basis.

Science & Technology

Why Affordable Minicomputers Can Improve Your Workspace

Mini computers used to have mini functionality, but that's changed.


The Art of Working From Home

Here are a few pro tips on surviving and thriving in the new home office reality.

News and Trends

The Future of Work Is Hybrid

The way work is done has greatly changed


As We Emerge From a Global Crisis, It's Time to Rethink How We Work

It's no surprise that the pandemic has changed how we work, but what if we're already living in the new normal?


How to Give Employees Ownership of Their Workspace As They Return to the Office

Try these tactics to help people feel more comfortable and collaborative in your office space.

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