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Co-Working Spaces-Making '9-5' the New Happy Hours in India

Individual dress codes in co-working spaces vary from stylish to slacks, and people work at their convenience, rather than clocking in at 9 and leaving at 5


5 Key Points for Small Businesses to Keep in Mind While Searching for Space to Rent

It is important to pre-plan the period of lease you want – be it an one-year lease or a 10-year one.

Thought Leaders

This Founder Explains How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck in a Collaborative Workspace

From utilizing the resources to getting advice from your neighbors, community workspaces can be extremely beneficial.


4 Reasons Your Messy Desk May Be a Sign of Genius

It isn't a mess, but controlled chaos.

Growth Strategies

Changing Trends in Co-working: Bringing the Idea of Themes to Spaces

Co-working spaces are a growing phenomenon that recognizes the value of flexibility, collaboration, community and shared resources

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How This Open Office Boosts Company Creativity and Productivity

Take a tour of the Neon Roots office space.

Starting a Business

This Skincare Business Has Been Around Since 1851. What's the Secret?

Take a tour of Kiehl's Since 1851.

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#7 Common Design Mistakes of Office Architecture

A balance between private and collaborative spaces at work is crucial


Form Follows Function: Creating A Productive Workspace For Your Business

From a design perspective, we know as designers and architects that there are indeed many aesthetic and practical elements that have a direct impact on the mood, mindset and wellbeing of an individual or team.


A New Way To Work: Designing Spaces That Better Support Leaders

As organizations adopt new ways of working, many executives quickly discover that their offices feel out-of-date and constricting.

Growth Strategies

Using The Right Hues In Your Workspace Can Help With Your Business Goals

The workplace is the initial foundation for any entrepreneur to succeed, and with that being the case, one must take extra care when designing the same for one's business.


#4 Co-working Spaces for Working Nomads

Location plays a major role for a co-working space because many people want the flexibility feature of working from different locations.


How to Create a Work Environment That Works Better for the Freelance Spirit

What you can learn from the pop-up employee spirit.


Why CEOs Want Their Offices Back and How Millennials Are Helping Them Get There (Kind of)

Workers of every stature need workspaces that reflect the work and the culture of the company.

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Need Inspiration for Your Office Space? Check Out This Converted Train Station.

How Groundwork Coffee combined modern and old-school aesthetics to create a great work space.