Using The Right Hues In Your Workspace Can Help With Your Business Goals The workplace is the initial foundation for any entrepreneur to succeed, and with that being the case, one must take extra care when designing the same for one's business.

By Fatima Al Shirawi

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The workplace is the initial foundation for any entrepreneur to succeed, and with that being the case, one must take extra care when designing the same for one's business. An important decision to be made in this process is choosing the right colors for your surroundings at work- after all, with color psychology becoming increasingly prevalent, it has been proved that being exposed to colors can affect one's moods. As a result, adding the right shades of a certain color in the workplace can indeed help promote the creativity and productivity of an individual that's working for you. As the founder of The Gracious F, a Dubai-based color consultancy business, here are a few of my ideas that can help you create a working environment that is conducive to strong business growth.

Before designing your workspace, it is important to take into consideration your own personality and personal choices, and then identify which color group you belong to. There are four color groups: Firelight, which identifies to the colors of autumn; Starlight, which identifies to the colors of winter; Morninglight, which identifies to the colors of spring; and Dreamlight, which identifies to the colors of summer. It is advisable to hold a color consultation in order to determine the right color group that applies to you. You will be given a color kit to help guide you towards the correct color palette, which will help influence your choices in terms of style and colors that you can then apply in any working environment.

The Gracious F color kit
Source: The Gracious F
Studies have shown that 80% of our color choices are subconscious, therefore we must consciously be aware of the affects they can have on us and our decisions, as well as the impact it has on our clients' and consumers' behavior. When entrepreneurs discover and surround themselves with the correct colors from their palette, it will automatically stimulate creativity and help them to focus on important elements of their business goals. In addition, adding furniture pieces with the right shades of blue from your palette helps with focus and communicating ideas better when executing plans and strategy. Another color that can influence your personality is black, which will only work best with a starlight personality. Black helps to create an atmosphere of authority and power, which helps an individual become more confident in their business choices.

Once you have identified the colors you will use in your workspace, it is advised to follow the rules of feng shui to help harmonize your working environment. Feng shui is a great tool for creating balance and capturing a person's wellbeing as well as balancing their productive life, emotions and environment. At this stage, it is imperative to identify the right placement for your work interiors. In order to create an environment where you feel calm and stable, it is advisable to position your back to a solid wall or item to position a force of stability behind you. It is also advised to refrain from positioning your desk near the door or window, as it transfers the energy out of the working area.

The Gracious F feng shui
Source: The Gracious F

Entrepreneurs must also identify the purpose of each departmental workspace, as different colors impact different professions. For instance, if we take the reception area, which has an impact on a client's first impression of your business, applying elements of beige and yellow to the room can help achieve a feeling of friendliness and reassurance. For the accounting department, it is advised to use hues of blue in the furniture to subconsciously help the employees to focus, as they are constantly dealing with numbers.

For the human resources department, employees need to feel balanced and reassured, and since green is the universal color of love, it is a great hue to use. Furthermore, in order to have a positive impact on clients, entrepreneurs should use different shades of brown and beige in meeting rooms, as these hues help create an ambiance of calmness, reliability and security, while subconsciously building trust.

It is most definitely a big risk to start your own business concept, however being determined and positive throughout the process will help you strengthen your enterprise, and take it to the next level. Creating a positive workspace environment is crucial in having a thriving business, and keeping that in mind, entrepreneurs would be wise to use the correct shades that match their personality in their workspace.

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Fatima Al Shirawi

Founder, The Gracious F

Fatima Al Shirawi is the founder of The Gracious F, a Dubai-based color consultancy business. Al Shirawi is a graduate of George Washington University with a BA in Sociology and Marketing, and holds certifications from Polimoda Fashion School in Florence and London College of Fashion. She is also a qualified certified color consultant by the Colour Affects Institute.

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