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Changing Trends in Co-working: Bringing the Idea of Themes to Spaces Co-working spaces are a growing phenomenon that recognizes the value of flexibility, collaboration, community and shared resources

By Mukul Pasricha

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The future of a workplace is rapidly changing and India is becoming a hub of co-working spaces. Since the past few years, Indian workspaces have begun taking cues from the western typology in order to establish themselves in theglobalmarket. Certain reports suggest that at present, there are approximately 300 shared workplace operators in India with almost 720 centers across urban India. As per a recent report on co-working by JLL, the co-working segment is expected to receive US$400 million in investments by 2018.

Co-working Spaceas a Trend

The spirit of coworking allows you to find co-workers who are worth working with – Cynthia Chiam

Co-working spaces are a growing phenomenon that recognizes the value of flexibility, collaboration, community and shared resources. Whether you are an independent contractor, a budding freelancer, a remote worker or the owner of a start-up, we've all come a long way from the time living rooms, coffee shops, libraries and other public spaces were our most sought after venues to effectively run a business. Co-working space is a rather magnetic invention that provides one with an affordable workplace along with the shared environment suitable for collaboration & boosting productivity.

Collaborative workspaces are synonymous with the quintessential needs of a working millennial today for reasons more than one. Not only can they forgo the tumultuous task of setting up a workplace right from its foundation, they needn't trade their valuable time, effort and unsolicited worry in establishing it. Apart from that they also get to reap the added benefits of collaboration, multipurpose spaces, mentorship, high networking accompanied with a multitude of value-added benefits. Doesn't this make an apt recipe that stimulates entrepreneurial growth?

Deciding on an Appropriate Co-working Space

The nature of the spaces that we choose to work in, determines our job function, the quality of our creation, and our satisfaction with our outcome. This is a major reason why a majority of co-working spaces have come up with solutions that cater to this bigger picture, rather than focusing on one issue at a time.

They are coming up with themes, where each innovative space revolves around a distinct ethic. It can be to attract and retain talent, drive innovation, build communities, optimise productivity or even use space more efficiently. With such varied themes, individual/businesses can leverage it to adapt and experiment with configurations, aesthetics, and amenities and find an environment that is ideally suited to them.

Through a huge range of formats, such as virtual offices and shared living space, people and businesses now have options to work from where they want, when they want and how they want. And it is quite a compelling fact that it is these very places that have housed individualsthat today are some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals, and multi-billion corporations.

Reasons to Consider Coworking Spaces Based on Themes

Co-working spaces are so designed that it promotes activities that increase collaborations which create positive outcomes. Such interactions circulate knowledge and increase engagement, which again is favourable to their growth. Exploring, correlating, brainstorming and predominantly communicating — all are positive outcomes that justify the layout and design of such spaces. There is no doubt that coworking is a great solution, and will carve a major chunk of your future; all you have to do is to discover the most relevant one for you.

There are office spaces that offer a complete homely feel at work with upper decks and a garden, a hot desking facility, a common recreational area and an in-house pantry.

Then there are innovative spaces that have been enabling visiting and expanding start-ups/ businesses to focus on growing their business rather than looking for accommodation and office spaces.

Some spaces also allow businesses to conduct sporadic events, seminars, conferences across the month without having to worry about the cost and availability.

Another fascinating office space that does not dictate corporate tradition is this design-centric co-working space, which overflows with quirk and passion with cars on walls and pathways reminding you of magical dungeons right out of the Harry Potter series.

Many even go beyond the usual by providing indoor and outdoor recreational facilities which facilitate a professional's growth.If you are someone wanting a more private, conventional and business center like feel; well there are facilities that are dedicated to such requirement as well.

Community-specific and women-centric niche working spaces have been craftily curated offering crucial support to their special needs. This accelerates the power of community. After all, the form and function of your work dictate your workspace need.

Additional Benefits

With incubation being on the rise, certain themed co-working spaces host young startups, train them, mentor them and make them market-ready. They provide additional corporate shared services to all their residents and scout particular start-ups that would eventually be backed up by various investors/stakeholders. These are all effective business strategies that help such spaces stay afloat in this ambitious market.

On a more comprehensive note, an appropriate coworking space will always facilitate your growth, personally and professionally.

Apart from the influx of knowledge and productivity that one improves by meeting like-minded people, it is the creation of new opportunities that comes your way when you collaborate with others. Many a times you will get stuck on projects too challenging or demanding, it is with the help of these coworking peers from various professional backgrounds that will help you salvage the situation.

Future of Work for Co-working Space Providers

In this highly competitive scenario, coworking space providers have to keep churning strategies that meet the new demands in a marketplace.

As a well structured and organized workspace providers, they are encouraging individuals and groups to adopt co-working by adopting a myriad of styles that suit the worker's distinct needs. They give them the perfect place to connect, create and collaborate.

Newer themes, adventurous working environment, casual, friendly, cool and fun, is how these providers are being perceived by young millennials. In order to attract and retain this imperial talent, their advanced and regenerated ideas have to ensure that they compliment an individual's business requirements as well as their own personal ethos.

Mukul Pasricha

Founder, Spring House Coworking

Mukul Pasricha is the founder of Spring House Coworking and heads the Marketing and Sales division. He is a versatile and skilled team leader who develops creative solutions aligned with the company’s vision.


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