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How do I start a website for my business?

I have been making hand made party favors (in elegant taste!) for over 25 years now! I started placing fylers on cars, flea markets, friends and family. I now need assistance how to place my business on the web site! Spread my business out there. Can you assist me?

Congratulations on deciding to take your business online!

The first thing you need to do is to register your domain name.  This would be . You can do this with a domain registrar - I prefer

Then you need to work with a designer to create the look and feel for your web site. A good designer will help you to figure out what information should and should not be included on your web site. You want to be informative about your business without going overboard.

Your next step is to secure a hosting account for your web site. Your web designer can help you to do this as well. I also like for a hosting company as well.

Good luck!