Office Depot Launches 'Self-Bailout' Plan for Entrepreneurs

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businessman-climbing.jpgOffice Depot launched its "Small Business Self-Bailout Plan" today. As part of the program, the office supplies and services provider created the Survival of the Smartest website for business owners who need support during "The Great Recession."

Some reasons to check it out:
  • Articles and columns from Steve Strauss, a renowned small-business expert and author.
  • Weekly videos featuring products and services designed for small business.
  • A free resource center with news and information.
  • Smart tips and strategies for everything from greening your office to computer networking.

Last week, Strauss spoke with about the new site, which he thinks will be helpful to entrepreneurs who need to do a lot on their own, including, it seems, a self-bailout. "Survival of the Smartest is very interactive, very web 2.0," he said. "It's not just another dry, read-an-article kind of website. It's designed and intended for small-business owners, so I think they're going to find it very useful."

There's $1 million worth of prize money involved, too.

The Office Depot Adopt a Small Business contest will recognize 500 of the "best and smartest small businesses in the country" and award the winners a total of $1 million. To enter, send in a two-minute video of what you are doing to be smart in this economy. Entries are accepted through July 31.

And even if you aren't selected, the winning videos will be posted online, so you pick up some additional strategies that may work for you. Now that's some stimulus.