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Sizing Up Your Online Communications Strategy (Infographic)

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As reshapes how entrepreneurs interact with everyone from employees to , it's important to keep your communications strategy fresh. Or for all the newbie startups out there, formulate one.

Seventy-one percent of businesses use social networks to communicate with customers and 58 percent are showcasing their by blogging, according to a research tabulated by the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for and Journalism. cite being able to both interact with customers and get out their as the main reasons for using channels, according to the findings.

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Any good strategy should also factor in a company's own employees, especially the 24 percent that work remotely. Make sure the plan includes information pertaining to promoting written communication and ensuring there is time set aside for virtual face-to-face interaction through videoconferencing.

For more tidbits, check out the infographic below:

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Sizing Up Your Online Communications Strategy (Infographic)


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