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Video Chat: It Ain't Just for Long Distance Relationships Anymore (Infographic)

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With the talent wars raging on in the established ecosystems, like Silicon Valley, New York City and Boston, startups are turning to other parts of the globe for hires. But with that, comes the complications of recruiting people in far off locations. To work around this issue, more startups are turning to interviewing candidates virtually.

Online video interviews have increased 49 percent from 2011 to 2012, according to research conducted by Premiere Global Services, a corporation focused on video and web conferencing products.

What's more, 60 percent of HR managers are utilizing online interviews, with 88 percent citing a time savings and 85 percent reporting a cost savings, says Premiere Global Services. Sixty-six percent of candidates similarly favor this platform, as it allows them flexibility in scheduling, among other benefits.

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With the increase in online videos, make sure you do simple tips like face framing and making eye contact to ensure success. Check out the infographic below for more tidbits:

How to Use Social Media to Find Customers (Infographic)


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