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As Football Season Approaches, Buffalo Wild Wings Raises Prices


Your game day wings just got more expensive – but Buffalo Wild Wings is pretty sure customers won't mind.

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The chicken wings franchise announced this week that it's planning to raise prices an average of 3 percent. The company says the late November price hike is necessary because for chicken wings are 30 percent higher than they usually are this time of year.

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Why is the of chicken wings increasing? One reason is the increased demand: season means wing season. Plus, across the industry have been busy adding more chicken options to their menus, driving prices higher. In addition to increased demand, farmers haven't produced as many chickens as hungry customers want. According to CNN, feed prices were unusually high earlier in the year, and it has taken longer than anticipated for favorable chicken costs.

Despite the price hike, Buffalo Wild Wings is feeling pretty good about the coming months. The company said that it anticipated net earnings growth to exceed 28 percent for 2014. 

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