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Pump Up Your Food Porn Game With This 3-D Photo App


For many people, going out to eat has become as much about the photos as the food. The age of social media has born a whole new art of food photography.


If that’s your jam, then you need to check out the app from the Swiss software company Dacuda called 3DAround. The app was the result of a technological collaboration between Dacuda and the University of Zurich’s Robotics and Perception Lab.

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Once you download the app, which was made publicly available last month, you record images as you move around an dish and then the app automatically generates an image that a user can move all the way around.

“3DAround extracts a full 3D model of an image, capturing object depth and structure as users move around to take food photos from various angles. It combines these multiple images into a single, virtual 3D photo,” says Alexander Ilic, the CTO at Dacuda, in a statement. “3DAround transforms standard single-camera smartphones into 3D depth-aware devices comparable to costly hardware-depth cameras.”

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For example, have a look at this pancake presentation captured with the app. This is no stack and that’s no snap.

The app comes from the maker of the PocketScan, a wireless handheld device that digitizes whatever image you move it over. A Kickstarter campaign for the PocketScan raised more than 10 times the $50,000 goal, bringing in over half a million dollars.

Have a look at this piece of chocolate layer cake being pimped out with the 3DAround app:

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