Why Your Love Life Should Take Priority Over Your Startup

Why Your Love Life Should Take Priority Over Your Startup
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Investing the majority of your energy into your business while neglecting your intimate relationship is ruining your startup’s chance of success.

I get it. 

Startup life is hectic.

Your investors are upset about some insignificant technicality (again); payroll is coming up (again); and you have to delay your launch because one of your programmers messed up. Again. 

Juggling all the details on a daily basis results in one thing for you. Stress.

Which is exactly why you need to be investing more energy into your relationship.

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Why ignoring your love life hurts your business performance

Left unchecked, workplace stress can wreak havoc on your startup’s bottom line.

A high level of the stress hormone cortisol reduces focus and memory by 25 percent. Your ability to problem solve declines, and your ability to think creatively suffers.

You worry about the overall vision of your company. You wrestle with uncertainty about your product, ability, management, leadership skills -- your startup as a whole.

When these fears and concerns go unvoiced, they'll eventually erode your confidence and eat away at your business. So, how does your relationship help to fight stress and ultimately lead to a successful, flourishing business?

The benefits of taking your relationship more seriously

Of course your relationship is more than a tool to draw more success and wealth into your life. But why not use it as an added bonus to kick-start your business?

Presumably you've chosen your partner because you respect their opinion; you love their outlook of the world; and you want to hear what they have to say about topics that are important to you both. So why are you afraid to let them in when it comes to discussing your work?

A high quality partner can have a lot to offer in the business world. Even if they have no understanding of what you do, they're still a great person to bounce ideas off of. They may have an opinion that you end up disregarding on certain matters, but, in the end, just having their support can make all the difference.

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What you can do to prioritize your relationship

Having coping mechanisms in place will keep your startup afloat when you feel like you might be sinking. Your partner will be your lifeline who will remind you that you are the right person for the job -- and that of course your startup will be a success.

So what are the best ways to connect with your partner, while also benefiting the forward momentum of your career?

  • Vent: Tell them your problems. They may not be able to solve them, but just voicing them aloud to someone can bring you to a new perspective that you hadn't considered. It can be beneficial to set up a weekly date, where you just talk about your fears and concerns surrounding your future. It's just a time to check in and let them know where you're at. Bring them along for the ride, and allow them to support you every step of the way. Don't be afraid that you're unloading your troubles on them. Or that they'll find it boring. They may not want to talk about work all the time, but any quality partner will know the importance of de-stressing after a long work day.
  • Or don’t talk at all: Sometimes the best way to let go is not to think about it. If you're the type who talks about work all the time, it can be healthy to set aside some time that is only for your partner. Focus on the relationship, plan a fun date or two, and allow that to take you away from the things that having been weighing on you recently.
  • Have sex: It's the fastest stress-busting activity out there, followed closely by the gym. But the dopamine and oxytocin surge you get from a great session of sex (at least 30 to 45 minutes) is akin to the release you get after an hour-long massage. And it's more fun. 

Not only your business but your emotional health will flourish if you put the right attention and energy into your romantic relationship.

Having a loving partner who understands the importance of your career and wants to actively support you on your way to the top is one of the best, most under-utilized tools of the modern entrepreneur.

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