Six Fail-Proof Tips For Social Media Success

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Managing social media channels can be a daunting task if not done properly. It is difficult to form clicks and engaging conversation without the incessant drive to post engaging content. However, if done correctly, social media can be both enjoyable and effective. Here are some important tips that’ll ensure optimum social media success:

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1. Posting frequently

Although your posts are exposed on several occasions on your social media channels, you may still lack potential for satisfactory engagement. One reason for this may be that fans and followers have yet to see your content due to overwhelming amounts of content being shared on social networks; not everything that gets posted is seen on everyone’s feed. Social media expert Guy Kawasaki advocates posting the same content multiple times both to account for multiple time zones and accommodate those that look at their feed at various times of the day.

2. Making use of the appropriate channels

When it comes to social media, it’s best to stick to specific channels for your brand, instead of making use of all of them. Instead of signing up for everything and neglecting half, focus on the platforms where your customers are.

3. Posting relevant and engaging content

Be consistent. Once fans see that you’ve posted something intriguing at 2PM, they’ll come back the next day and the next after that. Ensure you have something inspiring and worth their time and energy on a regular basis.

4. Including attractive visuals

Grab viewers’ attention and clarify your message with visuals. A simple, yet effective way of increasing engagement and your fan base is to use intriguing visuals. Anything from pictures and infographics to videos and comics are sure to increase engagement more than a standalone status would. If you can’t think of an appropriate image, simply designing your status in air bubbles will do wonders.

5. Reaching out to influencers

You can never go wrong with influencers because they not only eat, sleep, and breathe your brand, but they’re also known for their massive fan base. Reaching out to them may be difficult, but it helps to offer incentives. Some of which may include a month of free food at your restaurant, free tickets, or mentions in your blog, website, or menu. For example, many restaurants do this extremely well by inviting bloggers to taste test new menu items.

6. Communicating effectively with your target audience

Take a moment to reach out to your audience. Answering their questions and easing their concerns as soon as possible will effectively build their trust towards your brand and give them the fulfillment of knowing that they are communicating with a human and not typing away to a robot. After all, it’s better to have hundreds of trusting and engaged followers, than millions that don’t react to anything you post.

Coming out with a viral video or being absolutely sure everything you post from here on out will be successful is a stretch but not impossible. Following these steps will not only make social media management more enjoyable and stress free for you, but it will also ensure your viewers will come back for more.

Laura Hamade

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Laura Hamade is a writer and social media manager in Lebanon who is extremely passionate about all things digital. She can be contacted on Twitter @LauraHamade21.