Decoding Dating Apps: Risks and Use

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If you are single and searching for a perfect match then you should definitely consider online dating. In today’s time, technology is the big daddy that is empowering people especially women and introverts to look for their perfect match or friends through internet.

It is often said that people we meet -- like a friend, a date, or even a chance encounter can change our lives forever. And that’s what exactly Tinder, a dating app is doing for those who are single. It enables its users around the world to create new connections that otherwise might never have been possible.

US-based popular dating app, Tinder, which launched in India -- a first outside the US, in January 2016 to tap the nascent and unorganised online dating space.

“If you talk to the Indian users you will understand what they looking for. They are looking for substantial relationship. They are no longer scared of internet or meeting a stranger. So there is a huge mental shift that has happened in India in the last 15 years and part of it is driven by socio-culture changes and access to internet,” said Taru Kapoor, a product and growth strategy specialist that has been put at the top to establish and grow Tinder in India.

In a chat with Entrepreneur India, Kapoor talks about safety as an important area of focus followed by market size and competition which doesn't bother her at all.