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Being the Chief Marketing Officer at Washington DC-based EmployInsight, a web-based platform for studying employees’ soft skills at workplaces, Allen Gannett had a tough time doing marketing intelligence in real-time managing different digital marketing channels and competitors. So he created a competitive intelligence platform for digital marketers called TrackMaven. The app allows marketers to be more effective with the help of data that is “understandable and actionable,” as it says. 

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What makes TrackMaven an important tool for marketers is that it gives strategic information about their competitors and their marketing strategies across all 15 online marketing channels. It alerts users on competitive intelligence data by tracking social media, SEO, ads, traffic, blogs, etc. besides showcasing results using dashboards and reports. Users can filter sources and markets from where they want to receive information about competition. This allows marketers to stay ahead of the competition by making strategic datadriven decisions and retain customers, which otherwise were taken away by their competitors using content marketing. TrackMaven also allows users to strengthen their marketing across social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. Apart from regular alerts, TrackMaven also provides weekly or  monthly summarized information to track the marketing performance broadly. The data is displayed in beautiful and easy to understand graphics. Moreover in terms of set-up it doesn’t require manual set-up. The app has been so effective that brands such as Cisco, IBM, Sony Music and Kohler have been using it to boost their digital marketing activities. 

“Our own data shows that TrackMaven customers create content that performs five times better than their competitors. Marketers’ jobs are harder than ever, and the adoption of our platform validates our belief that brands can only win if they use data to make smart marketing decisions,” said Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO, TrackMaven, in a company statement. 

In January 2016, TrackMaven integrated itself with Twitter to share count to track its digital marketing data after the social media giant stopped public access to its share count data, which is the holy grail for driving traffic for digital marketing content. According to TrackMaven, it is the only app offering share count insights to marketers. Through Twitter’s share counts, users can check the number of times their tweets had been shared which eventually made devising digital marketing strategies tough for marketers. 

The app works across all platforms,  and the price is available on request before download. 

(This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (March 2016 Issue).