Here's Zomato's Quirky Twist to the infamous Panama Paper Leaks

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Cashing on the pun-ny Panama leaks, Zomato has launched a new section on its website for the extremely rich. Zomato has always cashed in on public news and hot viral topics to publicize its work and food options, instead of just classical food delivery and classifieds of menus like it's expected to. This is some great marketing and PR strategy adopted by Zomato to change the monotony of teasing its customer database by bombarding negligible discounts every now and then at specific hours when their hunger would be peaking.


The page greets you with the category saying “Panama Peppers”. The category of restaurants states

"The Most Expensive Restaurants in Town (You Need To Be Super $$$ To Dine At)"

The page contains about ten places, with an average cost being Rs. 6000 for two people. No wonder, the restaurants go exactly as advertised – you really do not need to be super $$$ to dine here!

I’m surprised how they’ve not managed to offend the establishments by now by blantantly accusing its customer database to be people with hidden black money, even if that may be true. Perhaps we have finally matured as a society to take a good joke with a pinch of salt!

Check out the page at:

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