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Our Favorite Reader Answers to Our National Small Business Week Questions

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

During National Small Business Week (May 1 to 7), the U.S. Small Business Administration highlighted the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs, small-business owners and others from around the country. 


We asked a question regarding entrepreneurs and small businesses on social media each day of last week. Here are some of our favorite responses.

Are you born an entrepreneur or can it be learned?

Gary Searle: I think you're born with the traits to be an entrepreneur but you can learn the skills to be a successful business person.

Thomas Kolodziejski Jr.: Most people are terrified of the idea of working for themselves. Being an entrepreneur takes something truly special that just can't be learned.


Which entrepreneur do you look up to the most?

Nick HolmesBranden Hampton in a heart beat. I've been watching him do his thing for years, humble, real human. Keep it going dude! Thanks for the inspiration.

Shohan Kabir: Tony Hsieh, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs


What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

Brianna Leigh Enders: Entrepreneurship, to me, means fully dedicating yourself to your venture and doing everything in your power to execute your vision.

Saroj Kala Magar: For me an entrepreneur is one who utilizes all available resources or creates his own to create a better society. Bigger the better.

Benjamin Vogt: Being an entrepreneur is a lot like being a writer: you have to enjoy being alone, motivating yourself, understanding your limits and how to -- when necessary -- push through or ignore your limits in the hope you'll make a breakthrough even when you fail spectacularly. There's no cheering section, only voices of doubt and ecstasy, loss and promise, all in equal measure. Every day doing what you love, what you feel purpose-driven to do, is a day no one can ever take away from you.


Is there a difference between a small-business owner and an entrepreneur?

AnnMarie Peña: Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for more ways to generate income. They are the ones creating wealth and an empire, not just settling on being well off. They take more risks to generate multiple streams of income. Small-business owners are settling for what they are currently doing and not seeking more. They've peaked in their success.

Kirsten Rees: Small-business owners usually focus on working in their business, whereas entrepreneurs are working ON their business and multiple income streams!


If you could work with anyone, who would it be?

Carrie Stiles: Sir Richard Branson

Shaba Shams: Elon Musk

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