This Husband-Wife Duo Are Changing The Way People Travel

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Travelling or exploring new places is always thrilling. It allows one to take a break from their hectic life schedule and live their life to the fullest. It is usually seen that whenever we plan a vacation, we normally opt for the packages offered by OTAs or we plan our own trip with limited information. This at times leads to disappointment of missing the best places which could have been explored.

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Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan, Founder, Tripoetic

Gunjan and Pranjali Indrayan saw the need and sensed it as an opportunity. They decided to address this need through their startup, Tripoetic, an online platform that creates vacations for travellers based on their interests, style and budget!

“We wanted to something of our own, there were always ideas. And implementation finally happened after we relocated back to India last year. The idea is to design the trip per the travellers’ requirements and not sell them a pre-set itinerary,” said Gunjan Indrayan, Founder, Tripoetic.

Name says it all

Couple has very interestingly found out the name of the startup. For them travelling is like a poetry, something seamless, beautiful, soothing and memorable and therefore they decided to name their startup Tripoetic, conveying that traveling and trips are like a poetry.

Business Mock-up

Startup’s business model is different from most other travel companies in the industry. They do not work off commissions from flights, hotels and destination tour companies. This prevents them from being biased in favour of only certain properties or transportation options.

“Our recommendations are purely based on the traveller's preferences and what we think would be best for them. Despite all this, our efficient trip planning skills helps in keeping the trip costs within our travellers' budget,” said the Founder

Currently bootstrapping their startup, couple have receive great response from their customers and are in a position to innovate and scale more before actively looking for investors.

Addressing challenges in their own style

For any entrepreneur journey is not as easy as it seems to be. They have to go through many hurdles to reach their destination successfully. Same goes with this duo.

‘Our offering of handcrafted, customised vacations is a new concept that is relatively unexplored. We were a little apprehensive about the reaction it would get from people since it’s not something they normally indulge in. We’ve tried to overcome that by educating people on why it’s important to customize your holidays to suit your preferences. We want our customers to have dream vacations and that’s only possible if they know in the first place what they want out of their holiday,” said Indrayan.

This is how they are designing their future destination.

Couple vision is to change the way people travel. “As a brand our offerings will always resonate with this idea. An underlying principle of our travel business is a dislike for one-size-fits-all packages. Right now, we are testing the waters here and eventually plan to expand our services to other metros as well. The idea is to be able to handle as many customers at a time as possible,” said Indrayan.

So if you are planning for vacations, you know whom to consult.