3 Books That Inspired Little Black Book's Founder

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Suchita Salwan is a vibrant, budding entrepreneur creating waves in the online content world. Having ditched her corporate job after being bitten by the startup bug, she formed Little Black Book, a digital lifestyle and cultural guide. Through her website, she wants people to absorb the essence of a city. A non-fiction buff, Salwan is not an impulse buyer. She ensures finishing the book she reads. Here are the books that have always inspired her, as she explains.

Entrepreneur India

Open by Andre Agassi

This book helps me reflect on life. Life will throw everything but the kitchen sink in your path, and then it will throw the kitchen sink. It’s your job to avoid the obstacles. If you let them stop you or distract you, you’re not doing your job, and failing to do your job that cause regrets, that will paralyze you more than a sore back. Because every entrepreneur needs a silver lining!

Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

We are prone to overestimate how much we understand about the world and to underestimate the role of chance in events’ - I think those quotes are indicative of what you can expect to learn In this book Daniel makes you challenge everything. The normal doesn’t seem so normal anymore. Things that I have learnt from this book are - perseverance is the key, what you see are all there is and most importantly spend time on connecting with customers than buying users.

Onward by Howard Schultz

This book has taught me that mass advertising can help build brands, but authenticity is what makes them last. If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand. Howard Schultz built Starbucks. In the book, he is so honest about his mistakes, which is really rare to find when it comes to CEOs! That is one particular thing that inspired me.

(Originally published in Entrepreneur India magazine's June 2016 edition)