Top Five Essentials To Create An Engaging Email Message

Top Five Essentials To Create An Engaging Email Message
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In this age technologically driven age, your customers and buyers are empowered with easy access to abundant information. Conventional methods of email marketing like “batch and blast” will only alienate your existing customer and prospects. With short attention span, constant browsing and comparing your products and serves with other competitors, these digitally savvy consumers are intelligent buyers must be targeted with relevant, personalised, and engaging email content.

Email elements including subject lines, design & layout, email content, and adding social media buttons enables you to create an engaging email resulting maximum opens, read, CTRs via CTAs, and number of inquiry. Below are the top five essential to create an engaging email marketing content:


Whenever you send an email marketing campaign make sure that the content is reliable and not misleading. Whatever facts and figures you have mentioned has enough credible source to support it credibility. High-quality customer data can help you generate reliable content giving maximum returns. Make sure from the first name to your closing the content is complete, accurate and valid. For example, you cannot send a ‘Birthday wishes to your existing customer on a wrong date. Similarly, you cannot offer a romantic getaway to a person who has recently got divorced or is widow. By targeting message with wrong information and at wrong timing is sure to back fire.


Make sure you do a good homework about recipients before creating email messages, as it helps to send a relevant email messages. Email list and customer profiling segmentation will enable you to send more relevant content to you recipients and thus it will result more opens, and CTRs to the website via CTAs.  Unique, informative and a well-researched content improves the email relevance giving you maximum ROI. Make your email content more relevant by rolling out an editorial content which will help you to sync all your communication in social media, mobile, and other marketing channels and thus making your email content more relevant.


Make sure the style of writing is conversational in your email message so that it compel the recipients to interact or respond in one or the other way. Not only the content should sound interactive but also your email template must consist attractive and clickable CTA buttons, all social media handles, phone numbers, and official email id for enquiries. This will enable your email reader to reach out to you in more than one way, and stimulate more desired actions from the same.  Make your email content more interactive by including quiz, content, share buttons, comment and so on.


A well-coordinated content across multiple marketing channels will improve the credibility of your product, service, and company brand value. Nowadays, marketing is no longer just about having the presence in multiple marketing channels but being an Omni-channel communicating a unified message across the platforms. Traditional marketing tools are designed exclusively for email purpose but new marketing professionals will create and send an email message after understanding and analyzing their audience via multiple touch points, and thus responding to the same proactively with the same context.


Content planning for your email marketing campaigns can help you to schedule your email message, subject line, having an editorial calendar for your email marketing campaign can give your amazing rewards. By planning your email communication specific to company products and services, you can create an engaging and effective emails.

To Conclude …

Nowadays, creating and sending a relevant and engaging email content is on the top on the priority lists of email marketing professionals. By integrating engaging email content sent to recipients, in addition to promotes email content across the multiple channels results maximum results to your email marketing efforts. 

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