Ad Blockers Won't Work On Facebook Anymore

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Right after dealing with clickbait links on the News Feed, Facebook is now aiming at renovating ads on your feed, thus essentially rendering ad blockers useless.

A new announcement made by Facebook says its new ad preferences menu will grant users the control to choose only ads that are useful and relevant to the users. Users will also be able to remove their names from customer lists that are irrelevant, making room for more useful content.

However, this does come at a cost. Ads on the desktop version of Facebook will still show up even if you have any ad block software active. According to Facebook, users use ad block to "to stop annoying, disruptive ads." In addition to ad preferences, the company is redesigning how ads are formatted on the site so it can cut down on the errant commercials in favor of ads you might actually use. Facebook has also claimed that it is not paying ad-blocking services to make exceptions - a common practice used by other major ad-supported companies.

Ad revenue is the largest source of revenue for free sites like Facebook, and by ensuring that ads dont overstep their boundaries, it could end up being a helpful compromise for both parties.

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