Stop Wandering, Start Travelling- Ways To Make Your Travel More Fulfilling

Stop Wandering, Start Travelling- Ways To Make Your Travel More Fulfilling
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Travelling undoubtedly is one of the most fulfilling practices of life. It won’t be entirely wrong to say that it’s one of those rare experiences that make you understand the true meaning of your existence.

Now the question is how to ensure that your travel, no matter how small they are, is a fulfilling experience.How to ensure that you are able to squeeze out the best from your voyage in terms of comfort and soulful experience? Although, there are no set formulas for the same, there are definitely some ways that will help a traveler fetch great experiences from his expeditions.

Try to be a local

This is very important to capture the essence of the place. While you always have the option of staying in plush hotels and resorts; such things are for vacationers. Travelers need to get into the skin of the place to be able to see beyond the superficial layer of holidaying.

Staying at a humble and local accommodation, taking the help of a local guide or if a language is not a problem, using people from different walks of life as your temporary guides; helps in gaining great insights about the place. Try and travel both short and long distance in local transportations with local people. The more you are with them; the closer you are to the roots of the place.

Step out of your comfort zone

Every single travel should enhance the learning and understanding of life in some or the other way. Try to travel beyond the regular tourist attractions. Simply getting out of the comfort zone and stepping into the shoes of the locals can offer great insights about the place and enrich the exploration. Don’t hesitate or look down upon anyone or anything. It may not be similar to your upbringing, but might play a crucial role in defining the personality of the people there.

Local food takes you to the deep into the local culture

Food at any place is a yummy way to understand the local culture and its history. And the best way to learn it is through the cooking courses available in almost all the countries. Most of these courses take you to the root of the local dish's origin and aides in understanding the importance of that cuisine. Even if taking a cooking course is not possible, try and eat as much local cuisine as possible. You can always get your comfort food, but there’s nothing more relishing than the local delicacy.

Opt for Yoga retreats

Sometimes it’s best to take time off and explore yourself through Yoga. One of the most ancient ways to physical and mental well-being, Yoga retreat is not about booking a lavish spa retreat with stylish yoga classes.A true yoga retreat is learning it with its right masters at authentic places. There are vacationers who spend thousands of dollars in going to yoga retreats on beach shores in India, while the real travelers rather spend time in finding a teacher with the trusted review of the locals and with years of practice. By hardly paying $1 or 2 for a class, they are still able to achieve the best benefits of Yoga retreats.

Be a part of the festival

Being a part of a festival and enjoying it like a local give you the best understanding of the culture and traditions of the place. Whether it is Thaipusam in Malaysia, Chinese New Year in China, or Holi in India; festivals help you capture the essence. Every festival brings you closer to the community and makes you more local. Many of these festivals may look weird, but are a part of the celebration of life for the locals with a deep history behind it.

Pick up the lingo

At least know the basic 10 sentences or words of the local language. It will help in communicating with the people and make things easier in a foreign country. It’s a universal fact that when you show some interest in the local language and culture, people tend to drop their guard and open up easily. While it does not guarantee any preferences, but your interest in understanding the language will at least bring a smile on a face.

Give it Back

One of the best ways to enrich the travel experience is to volunteer abroad. It not only helps others, but also teaches some of life greatest lessons in the simplest manner. Volunteering helps play your part in supporting the global community as well as get immersed into the local culture and mingle with people in the most impactful way. Building, sports, teaching, medical and so many more areas need volunteers to help the less fortunate. The feeling of satisfaction that you get from this kind of travel is unmatched.

Don’t look for a tour guide, find an ‘Insider’

Tour guides take you to tourist attractions, but to get under the skin of the place, find an insider. Reach out to people using social media and meet the locals. Ask them for advices. Mostly, people are very supportive and always interested in promoting their homeland. They can help with some invaluable tips about the place that no tourist guide will ever tell you. Also, reach out to the expats of your country living abroad for helpful tips. It’s like you are literally saying,” I am on Holidays. Reach out to me.” This factor will make the travel more unique and enthralling.

Travel is all about the people and the places. How to experience the place is up to you. The above mentioned tried and tested ways are ideal to make travel a magnificent experience at a fraction of a cost. Do you have some tips too? Do share with us.

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