Infographic: How To Make Your Headlines More Shareable

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Ever wondered why certain content on the internet gets shared more than the others? This is perhaps a question on every marketer's mind today, and though there may not be a formula to crack the code, there sure are ways to maximize the reach of your content. A recent infographic released by PayFort offers pointers on how headlines can be used as a tool to create specific triggers increasing shareability of content. Perhaps as an answer to why cat videos trend on the internet, the infographic reveals that a common thread among content reaching "1000+ shares" is its human-focus. Besides themes, headlines worded to tug at your heart, also play a role in generating shares. The infographic also notes that an element of intrigue coupled with ability to offer quick fixes to problems may be the secret to the success of list-based posts. With the number of social media platforms increasing by the day, and each medium having its own "quirks," the study asks content creators to ditch the one-size-fits-all approach, and devote time to customizing headlines. In the end, the goal must be to chase consistent traffic, rather than looking to go viral with your content each time.

PayFort infographic on shareable headlines. Image credit: PayFort.
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