What Makes Arnab Goswami A Good Entrepreneur? We List 5 Traits

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The former editor-in-chief of Times Now and ET Now, Arnab Goswami launched his own media organisation Republic TV today. And needless to say, it has grabbed eyeballs of millions. 

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The stint marks another one by Goswami post his tenure at Times Now  where he was at the helm from 2006 to 2017 and quickly became one of the highly watched English news anchors.

Beginning his career with The Telegraph and later spending several years as an award-winning news anchor at NDTV, Goswami has now turned an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur India states some of Goswami’s qualities which will help him to succeed in his new journey:

1. Good Analytics:

Goswami has an ability to connect with its viewers as he understands and measures the public opinion. Moreover, he has the courage of conviction to follow up with a news story even if it’s detrimental to his own public image or his employer’s yearly profits. This trait of him will help him to excel in the market and keep a hold on it.

2. People Love to Watch Him

There are many people who dislike him for his loud, arrogant and brash behavior on television but there are some who still love him watching. And this was the main reason why Times Now was the most watched English news channel.

3. Bold Speaker

Goswami is known for its debates. He's not afraid of putting his point up in front of any political party or powerful leader. He is good in the sense that he talks straight and don't compromise on issues that have national implications.

4. Does His Homework Well:

No one can deny the fact that Goswami before debating does his homework well. He brings lot more facts in his shows than his contemporaries. His innate ability to dig facts and throw pointed questions makes him different if not good.

5. Attention Getter:

Though Goswami shouts, he is arrogant but still people adore and defend him on social media and that is why today he is the brand. He holds people and easily convinces them on any topic. There are people in his professional circle who would give up their right arm to replicate the way people idolize and follow him.