Get Maximum Followers on Twitter for Free. Here's How

Top Ten Ways to Gain Twitter Followership

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Twitter, the famous micro-blogging website that allows an individual from all stripes to reach out to a million people all at once is an internet sensation since its very inception. But, the question is – How do you reach out to these million people in just one go? The answer lies in the fact that one should possess a healthy amount of dedicated followers over the platform.


But, how do you get these followers?

Twitter has proven itself with time to be an important medium to keep in touch with people from diverse industries and is also a platform to get the know-how of existing and popular trends that regulate over the site. Twitter followers are not just mere numbers but much more for a particular account. The many benefits of having a twitter account can be enjoyed after a huge followership; be it – driving sales for a business, branding over the medium or even promoting your company or brand.

Know How –

1.) Reveal who you are – Your profile should have a photo and an interesting bio that answers the "why" to your twitter presence. The absence of a photo can confuse your identity with a spammer or a newbie. Do not leave your bio blank or half-filled, it is one of the important things a follower checks. If you are a brand or a product, include your tagline in your bio and if you are an individual then mention what work you do. Twitter does not include an account in search results if you do not add a bio.

2.) Follow to get followed – It is a proven fact that any given famous account on twitter is only because of maximum RT's (Re-Tweets) and Favorites'. Utilize your Linked-In and E-mail connections to gain known followership in the long run. When you reply, re-tweet and favorite a particular tweet consider people who'll be engaged to the post. Follow your own followers if you are not doing that as they share the similar interests as you on the site.

Entrepreneur India caught with Mayank Bothra- Founder, XoFind and asked "The usefulness of Twitter's followership for a business", to which, he said…

"Twitter is an imperative social media tool for spreading and gathering ideas. If your brand or business has ideas worth popularizing, why wouldn't you want to spread them to as many people as possible? Twitter makes it amazingly simple. The larger your followership, the faster your ideas make the news".

3.) What To Tweet? – We all know, content is the king and it is thus content that makes all the difference. Your tweet should be a blend of popular hashtags, tagged accounts and point people towards a meaning. Create content that is useful, less time-consuming and holds the potential to get re-tweeted.

4.) Timing Matters Big Time – Use tools such as "Twuffer" or "Hootsuite" to set a particular time for a tweet. Do not flood your followers account with your tweets every other minute. Post timely and regularly for an audience to be engaged and respond to you accordingly.

5.) Join a Twitter Chat- Every other week, there is a common topic trending on Twitter pertaining to a particular industry or a business. This happens when like-minded communities or groups (e.g.: Blog Chatter) get together and share an opinion through Twitter Chat. By being a part of these chats, one gets the opportunity to know, meet new people and share interesting opinions.

6.) Linking is Necessary – Link a blog post, a TV Series or a You-Tube video when you tweet about them. Twitter has this great option of allowing linking a specific article, blog post, account and even a website. The more you link to others, the more people will repeat.

7.) Avoid too much Branding or Promotion – Twitter is a powerful tool when used correctly, too much promotion can hamper your presence on the platform and users are likely to confuse you as spammers. Be careful about a number of tweets and DM's that you send to your target audiences.

8.) Limit the Use of Auto-Responder – Do not thank and provide links to your work via auto-responders to every other user who follows you. Gradually, when your followership increases your audience will know about your recent updates and previous works. It is annoying to clutter someone's inbox just like that.

9.) Multitasking a Better Solution – Some tweets get popular by themselves when uploaded at the right time. You can tweet while you have a bit spare time during lunch hours and while commuting from home to office and vice-versa. Users are best active on social media during their free hours.

10.) Follow Recommendations – Twitter helps you in the initial times while setting up recommendations for "following" specific accounts. You can find out people/brands and products of similar interests in the "discover" section of Twitter.