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LinkedIn Reveals the 10 Most Popular Companies for Recent Graduates

If you're headed into the workforce, here are some companies you might want to consider.

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Graduating and heading into the workforce can be challenging. Networking, applying to jobs, interviewing -- it's a stressful process. Rather than email blasting your resume to dozens of employers, however, take your time, do your research and apply for only the most attainable jobs.


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Luckily, LinkedIn has done some of this research for you. By examining LinkedIn profiles of millions of recent grads across the U.S., the business social network has uncovered the top 10 companies hiring entry-level employees and the most popular positions.

Major financial firms Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PwC were found to hire the most recent grads. With offices around the world, and a number of different departments, these firms are always on the lookout for fresh hires. Don't worry if you're not a finance major either -- many of these companies seek students with non-finance majors for jobs that don't necessarily involve crunching numbers all day.

Amazon and Oracle are also great career paths for young people heading into the workforce. Tech companies are always seeking some new creatives to join their teams. Plus -- there's plenty of room for growth at such large companies.

Here are the most popular companies for recent graduates:

  1. Deloitte

  2. EY

  3. PwC

  4. Amazon

  5. Oracle

  6. Accenture

  7. Target

  8. JPMorgan Chase

  9. Insight Global

  10. Lockheed Martin

Sometimes, the most difficult part about job-hunting post-college is figuring out what you want to do. Among the most popular jobs for entry-level employees are account managers, software engineers and business analysts. These categories are broad though -- so figuring out what department, area or types of clients you would like to work with can help narrow your search. Companies have posted millions of internships and entry-level jobs on LinkedIn, so take a look at what might interest you.

Here are the most popular entry-level jobs for recent grads:

  1. Account manager

  2. Software engineer

  3. Business analyst

  4. Customer service representative

  5. Administrative assistant

  6. Recruiter

  7. Consultant

  8. Investment banking analyst

  9. Graphic designer

  10. Staff accountant

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